Stop The Gassing

  • by: marion off
  • target: shelters that still gas animals to death

Ok folks...
  We(the United States) are still to this day gassing animals to death because of over-population.
  A lot of states are now banning the use of the chambers(thank you!),but there still are several that  use them! No.Carolina is the worst! I know that Ohio,Mi,Ky and Utah still use them.Here is what a person wrote about the use of them after watching(uughh) a video on the actual gassing procedure being done."    There are two types of "Euthanasia Chambers", as they are often called, that are used. The one type is a metal container about the size of a small garbage dumpster and are either top or side-loading, however, to my mind the worse are the "see-through" gas chambers where the gassing of the pets can not only be viewed by the shelter workers, but often by the other pets that are next in line to be killed." This is the most in-humane way to euthanize a pet! And cost wise.. per pet  GC IS $4.98 per animal and EBI(injection)is $2.29 per pet.The only benefit is they can pile 10? dogs on top of each other and get more done at once!   THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!!  And many times,they dont even take the deceased out and pile puppies and smaller animals on the already dead!!!!!! HOW HORRIFIC!
    Please help me in my cause to get 50,000 or more signatures and then I will forward them to the necessary people in the states that still euthanize this way! Its inhumane and it needs to stop!

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