Demand an end to the capture and slaughter of whales and dolphins and free those in parks

  • by: Lynne Hoad
  • recipient: CITES Secretariat International Environment House 11 Chemin des Anémones CH-1219 Châtelaine, Geneva Switzerland, Australia

It's time to speak up for the plight of orcas, dolphins, belugas and other sea mammals that are being kept captive in chemical prisons under the guise of entertainment and education for humans. It absolutely breaks my heart to see these amazing, beautiful animals reduced in effect to a puppet performing for food, for human entertainment and for greed. We are in the 21st century...we have come so far and yet the world is still such a terrible place for the majority of those who live here, both animal and human alike. But humans at least have a voice...these poor creatures do not...let us be their voice. Let us not stop until we secure them their release at the very least to large netted sea sancturaries where they can live out the rest of thier lives in what is as close to their natural environment and stop the torturous capture of them from the wild.

Every year in Taiji Japan from the 1st of Sept through April and beyond, dolphins are herded into Taiji Bay in cruel drive hunts and held there with nets.Entire extended family units are caught this way. Elders, adults  pregnant females, juveniles and babies are all driven into the cove. Then the “prettiest” and “juvenile” dolphins without scars or visible flaws are picked out for the captive entertainment industry where food deprivation and isolation are used to 'train' both dolphins and orcas.
More than 1200 are taken into captivity where they will spend the rest of their short lives in a small chemical pool which will eventually lead to blindness while they perform for human 'entertainment' till their death. Marine parks pay on average $50,000 per dolphin. Those not deemed good enough for captivity are slaughtered, as many as 13,700. Originally the dolphins were killed by spear thrusts.  Now in an effort to reduce the amount of blood spilled into the water and into the sight of the world, the hunters use a killing technique known as “pithing.” A metal rod is hammered into the spinal cord of the dolphins through their blowhole, causing part paralysis. This is the most distressing sight I have seen. The dolphins are still conscious, breathing and struggling as they watch their families slowly die. For those that are chosen to be sold to aquariums the suffering does not stop there, they are sentenced to a life of performing on command, of giving up all their natural behaviors and of suffering the slow decline of their immune systems and their sight in chlorinated tanks. The same slow death is the fate of orcas and all other sea mammals who can't get out of the pool and find relief from the chlorine that irritates their eyes and skin.

It's time to say no more. We speak on behalf of all captive sea mammals. No more fishing and live captures of sea mammals. No more aquariums with live mammals performing. Set free all the sea mammals in captivity and for those who cannot be released into the wild (like the four dolphins of Wake Bali who are kept in a swimming pool and have had their teeth removed) must have a large section of ocean fenced as a sanctuary in which to live out their lives. They have more than earned this. It's the least humane thing we can do for them. Please sign this and share with as many people as you can. CITES is the global body who oversees whale and dolphin fishing and more. They are campaigning for many global animal issues and they are our best chance to get these changes implemented and enforced. Help this to go viral, do it for Orcas like Lolita & Morgan!!


Please use your influence along with the signatures on this petition to help bring an end to the exploitation, suffering, killing, capture and imprisonment of sea mammals, in particular Orcas and dolphins globally at the next CoP meeting scheduled in South Africa in 2016. These signatures represent the growing voice of peoples from all around the world who want to see an end to cruelty of captive sea mammals kept in chlorinated tanks/pools which severely harm their immune systems and can send them blind all under the guise of education and entertainment for monetary gain. Especially cruel is the case of captive orcas kept in tiny enclosures for decades. Like Lolita in Miami Seaworld. Lolita is 6m long, her tank is 18 by 24 m by 6 m deep. She has been there for 45 years. We the people of the world find this unnacceptable and I respectfully implore you to help bring an end to this barbaric practice. We want an end to the capture of sea mammals from the wild and the release of those in captivity. For those who can't be released back into the wild like the dolphins of Wake Bali who have had their teeth removed and are nearly blind, we'd like netted sanctuaries set up in the wild for them to live out the rest of their lives in as close to their native environment as possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please help.

Respectfully yours,

Lynne Hoad

Update #34 years ago
I am absolutely disgusted to learn that the Japanese whaling flleet returned to port today with 333 dead minke whales illegally hunted in the Southern Ocean. 103 were male, 230 were female and 90 of those were pregnant. I am outraged. Please sign and share on all social media if you are as outraged about this as I am.
Update #24 years ago
I am so angry, despite an International Court of Justice ruling that Japan cease all whaling defied this announcing they'll be resuming whale hunting in the Antarctic this summer, that's NOW. This is after being fined $1 million in a court case against them by Sea Shepherd. The court found data on 9 whales out of 3600 does not equal research. Please share as much as poss. Use online articles on whales & Japan's slaughter in Taiji. The whales & dolphins need you to go the extra mile. Thanks all.
Update #15 years ago
Thanks for signing the petition to stop the capture and slaughter of dolphins and whales and to empty the tanks and set them free. Now please share this petition on all social media so others can add their voice. In only a week we have over 700 signatures. Please help keep the momentum going.

Thanks again for your support.
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