Suspend foster kids visits until virus under control

    We have closed all schools,Day Care Centers and we have closed boarders. Yet we still have the foster system out there having to provide visits for the kids. When do these kids count and the families that care for them.

    We are asking Governor Inslee to step up and say foster children visits are temporarily suspend until the outbreak is under control. These visits will not be made up due to extenuating circumstances. The States stance is that if the child does not have a fever they are to go to visits, as they are court-ordered. This has the potential for such a spider web effect of spreading and contracting the disease. These children have one to four visits a week. These visits take place in visit rooms at the DCYF offices and in public. Libraries McDonald's Burger Kings fun centers bouncy houses and malls . These kids have transporters and case managers that pick them up. Who are in and out of cities towns and different counties several times throughout a week. They see several different children some case managers and transporters have as many as 2 and 4 kids a day. They then bring back to foster homes now also exposing the Foster families. We have foster parents who are in their 70s and also have compromised immune systems. We have foster children who are medically fragile lots of them. If these visits are not stopped the potential of the spider web effect can affect thousands and thousands of people. We are asking Governor Inslee to suspend these visits and make it known that these visits will not have to be made up. What are we waiting for more deaths?

    I have been called selfish . However I do not think it is selfish. I believe it is our jobs to keep these kids and ourselves safe. They say what about the bio parents who will miss them? I say to this. They are the ones who made the choices which in turn lead to losing their children in the first place. They should not be worried about missing visits at this time. They Should Be Worried about their Children's safety. Who is selfish here?? If visits are temporarily suspended with not having to be made up the state doesn't have to worry about trying to play catch-up. Once reinstated they will start from ground zero with visits.
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