• by: International Save Yupi Coalition
  • recipient: The Governor of Michoacan:, the Municipal President of Morelia City: and the Morelia Zoo Director:

Es urgente que dejen comentarios acerca de la transparencia de los resultados de la asesoria medica que se le hizo a Yupi en Septiembre 8 por el zoologico Ellos rechazaron la oferta que les hicimos que Zoocheck Canada enviara un equipo con los mejores expertos en osos polares en el mundo para asesorarla formalmente medicalmente (lo que nunca se le ha hecho antes), y tambien asesorar sus areas. El zoologico nos aviso con menos de 24 horas de anticipacion, que ellos decidieron hacer las pruebas formales de Yupi con unos veterinarios de Leon, Guanajuato, que checan a los osos polares alla.

Soliciten transparencia con estos resultados y que consideren nuestra oferta, para relocarla a una mejor instalacion, con mejor clima, mas grande y mas natural, donde puede ella tener atencion de especialistas en osos polares y mejores cuidados por el resto de su vida. Tambien de que si tienen duda con los resultados, de consultarlo con nuestros expertos.

El zoologico ahora quiere remodelar sus areas, pero Yupi no esta adaptada, ni nunca se va a adaptar alla a las condiciones del zoologico de Morleia, no importa cuantos millones el zoologico gaste. Ella seguira estando frustrada, estresada, sufriendo por el calor y miserable.

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As the International Save Yupi Coalition, we told several times to the zoo, that Zoocheck Canada offered to send the best polar bear vet and other PB experts, to do a formal medical assessment of Yupi's health, which she never had before.

On September 7th, our Morelian colleagues were notified that the day after Yupi was going to have a formal medical assessment by some local vets from the Leon, Guanajuato zoo. We need you to write in a polite way, that you urge them  to have transparency and share the results of the medical assessment done to Yupi more than one month ago, and to keep in consideration to relocate her to a better enclosure, in a better climate, bigger area, more natural and with a team of polar bear specialists to monitor her all the time. Also, that is they are doubtful about the medical results, they should consult with us and our polar bear experts to be sure about the results.

The zoo wants to remodelate her enclosure, but no matter what they do, Yupi is not adapted to be there and never will!. Her life will be the same, frustrated, stressed, suffering because of the heat and miserable.

Please, share this with others this petition in social media and by e-mail. Thank you!

International Save Yupi Coalition

 Dear Governor Lic. Fausto Vallejo Figueroa,

As you are aware,Yupi (Yupik) the Polar has been more than 20 years at the Morelia Zoo in appalling living conditions, enduring and suffering in the heat, the scorching sun and her barren and artificial exhibition area that looks like a crater.

Polar bears are NOT PHISICALLY ADAPTED TO LIVE IN HOT CLIMATES. Under their thick fur their skin is black, facilitating the retention of heat from the sun; therefore polar bears can easily become overheated, particularly in alien hot climates, like in Michoacan.

One in three people of the general public that visits her, openly claims that they feel sorry for Yupi, that they can't stand how much she suffers, they question what the zoo is thinking by having a polar bear in a template climate, or they just mention to their kids about Yupi's suffering while she struggles to lay down at 34 + degrees °C.

Her stereotype behaviours have increased dramatically in just a couple of years. Yupi IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE ADAPTED to that artificial environment that surrounds her at the Morelia Zoo.

It is NOT EDUCATIONAL AT ALL to keep an animal in such conditions, while at the same time violates the animal welfare laws for keeping an animal like Yupi in an inappropriate climate.

Spending money now to renovate her enclosure is senseless.
She just doesn't belong there.

Please, we urge you to share the results of the medical assessment done to Yupi in Sep. 8th, with the general public and the International Save Yupi Coalition, which comprises more than 100 international NGO's in 5 continents.

Also, please, re-consider the offer of Zoocheck Canada to relocate Yupi to a better habitat, with more natural  and larger areas, with a proper climate to her species and with a professional team of polar bear experts monitoring her re-adaptation process every step of her way every day.

Thank you very much for your consideration to this important issue.

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