Release the Star Wars: KotOR 1 and 2 source, sdk and development tools.

  • by: Darth Sapiens
  • target: Bioware Corporation and Obsidian Entertainment

why should you sign this? 
put simply if you sign this and this petition succedes, it well help 
people who volunteer  to improve games to do just that. it also provides a way for people who want to give EA a chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the consumers to do so.
mos of all it well help a team of modders who want to comlplete the notoriously un complete game: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II the sith lords.

why can this gain momentum?
recently after lucas arts' closure by disney a gaming studio did something similar with teir two games: jedi knight: outcast and jedi knight : academy. 

Dear Bioware (EA) and Dearest Obsidian, 

With this letter and associated petition we hope to encourage you to release the toolset and sdk you used to create the game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: the Sith Lords. 
when you created the critically acclaimed game, kotor, you also created an equally grand community, of people who are passionate about the game, who have spent thousands upon thousands of hours playing it. the game you made created more than just a diversion, it became an outlet for creative expression of hundreds of modders who have improved the game in many ways. these modders have spent in many cases more time improving your game then actually playing it, improving the experience for other customers and players.
it is pretty well known that modding can create hype for a game and even continue a community for it decades after its release. When Obsidian Entertainment created the sequel: The Sith Lords, the community exploded with enjoyment and mods were then created for both games, this was, in many peoples opinion, the golden age for kotor modding during the following years the community has created several, very popular, mods for the games. In particular I wish to cite: The Sith Lords: Restored content mod, The M4-78 Enhancement Project, and the historically important, unfortunately uncomplete, The Sith Lords: Restoration Project. the original kotor also had a host of popular mods the solomon's revenge mod comes to mind. the fire of passion you have set the community ablaze with still burns brightly, and the flames have produced many mods, and has spawned a new mod, The Untold Story. a project who's goal is to complete the kotor 2 experience. 
I feel it goes without saying that the gmaes you made are still making you money, with my background in business i know how important it is to make sure to stay profitable, in many cases people have bought your games multiple my times (myself about ten) and many will buy it again if there is a new experience available. with your release on steam and the kotor 1&2 bundle available these games are once again available easily to your consumers.
new mods would probably make more people buy it.
from a business point of view this could be considered an investment, an investment in those who have bought, buy and will buy your games. by endowing people with the ability to mod these games more fully, you can expect a high return in gratitude and increased loyalty to your company.
you can also ensure people have reason to buy these games now and into the future.
we want to thank you for the time you put into making both games, and for the creation of the community, the tight-knit community of friends.

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