Ask Highway Authority To Limit Human Traffic in Wyoming Wolverines & Wildlife Habitats

  • by: Sue Lee
  • recipient: U. S. National Highway Authority in Wyoming

Please sign and share this petition on all media sites in an effort to speak out to the Highway Authority in the Wyoming State area, especially around Teton Pass. We are asking them to limit human traffic that affects wolverine and other wildlife existence and habitats due to ongoing sports events and recreation.

There is nothing more exciting than to go on an adventurous skiing trip with family and friends, often times visiting the Teton Pass in Wyoming, high above the adventure playground of Jackson Hole. The area is a great place for skiers, snowmobilers and snowboarders to unload gear for a day of sweat and powder-skiing. Scientists have been studying the effects of these glorious recreational activities on surrounding wildlife like the wolverines.

Wolverines in the area are known as "mountain devils" and seem to be dwindling in numbers throughout the northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest due to climate changes and infringing on their habitat. Within the last five years throughout Wyoming, tracking the life of the wolverines shows they are affected when humans are entertained in their mountain habitats, causing great troubles for the animals. While enjoying the great outdoors, most people do not realize the effect it causes on the surrounding natural wildlife.

Similar issues occur in other areas such as the piping plovers and loggerhead turtles In North Carolina, sea life threatened in wetlands of California and Oregon and the beautiful manatees in Florida. The list goes on. Ongoing recreational activities, whether quiet fun like hiking and skiing to those that are noisy continue to escalate, putting wildlife in constant danger. However, researchers believe that animals can move away when hearing an impending concern like a gas-powered vehicle but animals “don’t know where the skiers are going to pop up next,” leaving them on edge.

The animals like the wolverines were there long before recreational areas were developed. We are asking the highway authority to carefully consider the goals for future recreational areas, limiting human traffic when it comes to the health and well-being of surrounding natural wildlife. Everyone loves to have a good time but it is too often affecting nature and natural wildlife habitats. You can help us in our goals with the highway authority by signing and sharing this petition as we speak out in unity for the health and welfare of all wildlife like the wolverines affected in Wyoming.

U. S. National Highway Authority in Wyoming - It is a proven fact that many natural lands and properties are being revamped and turned into recreational facilities for the pleasure of humans. What is not considered is the effect these activities can have on the surrounding wildlife, which is a major concern in the skiing areas of Teton Pass. The wolverines have been affected and causing their numbers to dwindle. We are encouraging you to limit human traffic that is affecting the life and well-being of wildlife and do not infringe on wildlife habitat by creating additional recreational areas that endangers the wolverines in the area.

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