Restrictions on Pit Bulls

  • by: Cody Lynn
  • target: Pit Bull owners and lovers

Imagine coming home to the sight of your wife lying in her own puddle of blood with her leg chewed off by your two “family friendly” Pitt Bulls. This event did occur in Jefferson County Arkansas on September 10 of this year : A chilling 911 call released on September 10 described the scene of a deadly pit bull attack on Friday night, when Debra Renee Wilson-Roberts was apparently killed by her own Pit Bulls.

  Now we all know there is a lot of controversy within the behavior of Pit Bulls, but statistics don’t lie. You can blame the owners all you want but you can’t deny the instinctive genetics of the breed. They were bred to kill with little or no warning at all.  In my research I’ve found that Pit Bulls account for less that 5% of the dog population, yet account for almost 70% of all dog attacks, some of which are fatal.

Thousands of children and adults are living with mauled faces due to the attacks of Pit Bulls. Some are lucky enough to still be alive yet live with horrific scars and loss of limbs. If higher standards to own Pit Bulls aren’t put into place the numbers are only going to rise. It could end up being your wife, husband or child that is scared up or even mauled to death

1.      In 2010 there were 33 known fatal dog attacks in the US. Of those, 22/33 or       67% were pit bull attacks.
2.      In 2009 there were 32 known fatal dog attacks in the US. Of those, 14/32 or 44% were pit bull attacks.
3.      In 2008 there were 23 fatal dog attacks in the US. Of those, 15/23 or 65% were pit bull attacks.

I do not think the dog should be banned, but perhaps require Pit Bull owners to carry a license to own one. They should keep them in specific contained areas when it’s not being handled or when not home. DO NOT leave children unsupervised with them. Take a class to learn about the breed and know what it was genetically bred for and what it’s capable of doing, and require owners to regularly participate in obedience classes with the dog and a trained professional of the breed.

If these regulations are put into place, I believe that the number of Pit Bull attacks would decrease numerously and save a great number of children every year from being killed and mauled.

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