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  • recipient: THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA. U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

My name is Cory W. Morrel (also known infamously as Cory Morr). I was a former actor that never really made it big. I've pursued such a talent in a Liberal industry that was unsuccessful, but now professionally working as a political activist. I was under President George W. Bush during the 8 year Bush years more of a Moderate Democrat, not so Liberal but middle of the road. In January 3rd, 2007 precisely when Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the congressional Democrats took away the House; and, Senate from President Bush I conformed to a Conservative American. Ironically that is the point when the U.S.economy started to collapse, lawlessness was growing and anarchy was developing instead of Constitutional prosperity. In 2008 the United States of America voted for the first "partially" bi-racial President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama. Or did we? I've done extensive research on this man and found how horribly radical and vicious this individual Fascist creature is in a sweet silent bomb disposition. When President Obama spoke in 2004 during a rally for John Kerry there was something about his demeanor I found sinister. I never voted for President Obama and never would. I voted for John McCain because a warhero deserved to be President over a Chicago criminal. Don't we still honor our military anymore? What's past is past and can't be "changed." Mr. Obama is in charge of the country and was for 4 years since 2008 ruining the economy. Blaming his predecessor George W. Bush is irresponsible, un-acceptable, and reprehensible. It should not be allowed and tolarted. The man with the approval of a Liberal congress passed an illegal legislation by U.S. Federal law that hurts the good content of the American people. Prestigiously know as "Obama Care." It's a tax hike and lethal tax that will cost 5 billion dollars of the American people's personal finances they can't afford. What's worse is the IRS will force you pay for it and if you refuse there a penalty. You get arrested. That's wrong and imperialistic. This law is an illegal law and considered a felony President Obama committed. We are 16 trillion dollars in debt and increasing bankruptcy. Government is forcing the individual conditions of good people how to eat, work, live, survive and work. That's unquestionably vulgar of politicians and the President to do. Evil and wrong. This is no President ladies and gentleman this is a dictator. And President Obama is elected for a 2nd term he'll enslave us and declare the USA an Empire. We are a sovereign Constitutional Republic not a dynasty, monarchy, or democracy. This man should be PROHIBITED and restricted from a 2nd term. A U.S. board patrol agent name Bryan Terry was killed by the negligence of the Obama administration. Attorney General Eric Holder was Subpoenaed and dismissed his indictment hearing without guilty verdict. In fact it was cancelled. Mr. Obama has the evil Community left-wing Liberal Democratic media brainwashing the country line NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Yahoo, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Chicago Sun and LA Times. The people are suppose to run the country not Social media, government or politicians. 4 U.S. ambassadors were killed in Lebanon and what does President Obama do? He goes on the View acting like a celebrity while the Middle East burns in a armageddon. This preplanned terrorist attack in the 11th anniversary of 9/11 was not Youtube trailer film. It was our own precious Vice President Joe Biden that endangered national security by his own provocative speech "OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD AND GM IS ALIVE!" Big mistake. Mr. Obama was born in Kenya Africa. He was raised in Indonesia and lived in Hawaii. Mr. Obama's own grandmother who sadly passed away in 2008 said "my grandson Barry Soetaro was born in Kenya not Hawaii. I don't think she would make that up. Take her word not her grandson. May she rest in peace. Mr. Obama produced 2 fake Photoshop birth certificate. How do I know they are 2 artificial fakes and not authentic? 1. Torn stroke edges, 2. To many watermarks and 3. No licensed quality seal approval of the state. This con-artist fabricated his entire Presidency and legal birth records. Barack Obama is nothing more then a fallacy himself his who life. This man and his family have been vacationing frequently on tax payer dollars while ordinary Americans grow hungry, starve, lose their jobs, houses, and practically the future of their dreams. They can't get ahead and the Philosophy of Socialism has infected the system free American prosperity. This man wants to eliminate our U.S. Constitution, our free speech, rights, and freedoms. Personally I think we put an Al Qaeda terrorist in the White House. You know President Ronald Reagan said "No matter what kind of person you are, free people who choose freedom will always be free." President George W. Bush said "You can't have a strong economy without a strong or sturdy national defense." So do the right thing America. Fire Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, ALL LIBERAL LEFT-WING DEMOCRATS and Barack Hussein Obama. Elect a new Conservative controlled government and help elect Gov. Mitt Romney to the White House as our new 45th President of the United States; as well as, Paul Ryan as our 45th Vice President of the United States. No matter if your Liberal Democrat, Conservative Republican or Independent we are Americans. Behave and act like Americans not Russians. Fire Barack Obama, have him arrest, indicted and deported to wherever he's going for treason against the United States of America. NO MORE OBAMA get this son of b**** out. We don't want another revolution because to many good people have suffered and died disputing the Obama administration. This is not about orientation it's about pragmatism that's clean, safe, secure, and rational. So lets not be narcissist or cynical about this subject. We need new leadership. Don't CHANGE American restore and celebrate America. I love you very much America. ROMNEY/RYAN 2012. I was the first in all of America to endorse Mitt Romney as his charter member because I knew he'd be the one prove and show his experienced leadership. God bless. ~Cory W. Morrel/Cory Morr. Support H.R. Resolution 1.07 Impeachment proceedings. Get these stupid M/F-ing and lying snakes out. Because were just all tired of the lies. Vote for Freedom not Civil War or for a Revolution. Choose America Life or Death for your future? America or Obama? Thank you. ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!

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