Make environmental organizations recognize animal agriculture is a threat!!!

  • by: Vivian Hir
  • recipient: 350, Climate Reality Project, Conservation International, Greenpeace, etc.

Even if fossil fuels and transportation are some causes of climate change, environmental organizations aren't telling us one thing. Animal agriculture is also a threat to our environment. Go on their websites. There is no mention on animal agriculture. Only about clean energy and to stop fossil fuels. It creates more carbon emissions than ALL transportation combined. Crazy, huh? The methane cows produce is 25-100 times worse than CO2! Additionally, it is the number one cause of animal extinction, ocean dead zones, and deforestation in the Amazon. Why is that?
In order to make land for animals to graze and to produce food for them, forests must be destroyed, causing animals to lose their homes. The huge piles of waste livestock produces leaks into our waterways, poisoning our fish.
Animal agriculture is also sucking up our resources such as water and our land. It takes 660 gallons of water to just make one hamburger, equivalent to 2 months of showers. Our land is becoming overgrazed, with 1/3 of it on Earth due to livestock.
Now it is about seafood. By 2048, we would see oceans with no fish. 3/4 of our world's ocean is already overfished.
Even if we cut down our fossil fuels, we will still exceed our limit by 565 gigatonnes of CO2 just from raising animals. 

Howard Lyman said,"You can't be an environmentalist if you eat meat. Period." 

From this petition, I hope you will also spread this issue and eat less meat. 

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Update #13 years ago
Hi there,
I am not getting enough supporters. If you can just spread this petition on Facebook, Twitter, that would be very kind of you.
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