Demand Police Officer be fired for shooting 5 kittens in front of children

  • by: Thomasina Knight
  • target: Mayor G. David Gillick, City of North Ridgeville, Ohio

Local resident and mother of 4 children called North Ridgeville Police department for help her with a feral cat and her new kittens. The humane officer who responded to her dilemma acted caliously and irresponsibley by shooting the kittens within 15 feet of where the children were, telling the children they would be better in "kitty heaven." The North Ridgeville Police Chief Freeman condoned the horrendous act calling it "acceptable" and also said the officer WOULD NOT be fired or repremanded for his actions. THIS BEHAVIOR IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! Police have a DUTY to be an example to citizens and to have enough intelligence to handle a delicate and difficult situation especially ones that deal with animals and children. The officer who shot the kittens should be fired and punished for animal cruelty. The North Ridgeville Police Dept should be aware of ANY Feral cat groups in their surrounding areas as well as other animal rescue groups. Knowing children and family were present, the officer should have taken the kittens to the local shelter or to a rescue group. Link to news blurb about the incident

To: Mayor G David Gilluck, North Ridgeville, Ohio

Resulting from the incident where a Police officer from the North Ridgeville Police Department acted caliously and irresponsibly by shooting 5 innocent kittens to death in front of (and where) children who were present, we believe this Police officer should be fired and punished for animal cruelty.

This action was morally wrong, if not common sense wrong by a public official who was supposed to be humane in the removal or control of the 5 kittens. Police officers and humane officers are supposed to set an example for the community.Is this really the type of example you want your Police force to display?

We also request that the policy of killing cats and kittens by shooting them be reviewed and REVISED and deemed as unacceptable by the North Ridgeville Police department and Chief Freeman. North Ridgeville Police department should work in partnership with local humane animal groups, rescue groups, and animal societys in Ohio to give a positive example to children and familys alike when dealing with delicate and difficult situations such as this incident.

Animals of every kind deserve respect and compassion in every situation. We urge you to fire officer Barry Accorti and charge him with animal cruelty as an example that your city will not tolerate this type of irresponsible and horrendous behavior.

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