Demand that Tatiana Restaurant and Night Club Retire their Tiger to a Sanctuary!

  • by: Samantha Turetsky
  • recipient: Walter Abolsky, owner of Tatiana Restaurant and Night Club

Tatiana Restaurant and Night Club is known for its Russian-style entertainment and cabaret shows. It is also known for the depressed-looking tiger that has been reported to be kept in a cage inside the restaurant, or being hauled on stage to the audio effects of tigers roaring. The actual cage (pictured above, taken from Yelp) is just large enough for the tiger to fit into, and not large enough for it to move around! Many reviews on Yelp specifically comment on the fact that they they are made very uncomfortable by the tiger's presense, as he looks very "sad" and "kept licking himself". One reviewer on Yelp reported that he was told that the tiger is driven in from Orlando to perform in the shows.

Please sign this petition to urge Tatiana Restaurant and Night Club to retire its tiger to a sanctuary!

As someone who cares about animals, it is obvious that this tiger has no place inside of a nightclub, and deserves to be retired to a sanctuary where he can be adequately cared for and live a natural life. Please sign this petition to show the owners of the nightclub that the public does not support this kind of blatant animal cruelty. The only kind of entertainment I want to see is the kind where all performers are willing participants!

Also please feel free to review this place on Yelp and Facebook and let them know that the public won't stand for this kind of animal abuse!

Dear Mr. Abolsky,

I am writing to you today to request that you please remove the tiger from your show and retire it to a sanctuary where it can lead a natural life in the wild, as tigers were born to do. After reading your reviews on Yelp, it seems that many of the comments were specifically regarding concerns about the tiger that is in your establishment. The reviewers wrote very negatively about the tiger in the show, and many of your customers were uncomfortable with the tiger being in the cage and forced to perform, including some reviewers calling this "inhumane." I believe that it would help your business to retire this tiger to a sanctuary, and you would get much positive publicity from this decision. You would also draw a new crowd of animal lovers like myself who currently refuse to visit your establishment based on not wanting to support this tiger being held in captivity.

Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter, and I hope you will do the right thing and let this tiger live a happy, free, and natural life in a sanctuary. 



Update #38 years ago
Clarification: Tatiana Restaurant and Night Club does NOT own the tiger it used in its live performances, and never has. The club has agreed to stop using the tiger. There's no longer a need to direct calls or emails to the club. Thank you for your support!
Update #28 years ago
UPDATE: While Tatiana Nightclub will no longer use this tiger in its shows, the tiger will return to live at a facility/preserve that rents out exotic animals for live performances. Please be on the lookout for another campaign to stop the use of this tiger and others in live performances - I'll update you when a new campaign is ready!
Update #18 years ago
Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of compassionate individuals from around the WORLD who signed this petition! I was so shocked and awed with the response it received. Thanks to the pressure that we put on Tatiana's, they have stopped using the tiger in their shows! Link to article in the paper:

Again, thanks for all your help!!
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