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To President Obama:

When you signed the Agriculture Appropriations Bill, you also signed to restore funding for USDA inspection of horse meat, which will allow the hideous business of horse slaughter plants on American soil once again. We have fought for many years to end horse slaughter, because it is the worst animal abuse in history.

From the time the green USDA sticker is slapped on a horse at the auctions, they are horrifically abused, tortured, and neglected, all the way through the process of auction, transport, feed lots, and up until they are stun-gunned in the heads multiple times, (because stun-guns do not work on horses) and usually they are strung up by the legs, and their throats are slit while they are still ALIVE.

Horse slaughter plants are owned by foreign corporations, and contribute NOTHING to the American People, nor to the economy. In the entire history of these slaughter plants, they have only EVER contributed 178 jobs. Forcing the American People to foot the bill for the USDA inspection of the results of this disgusting practice is unfair and abusive in itself, besides being morally repugnant. To add insult to injury, Americans are homeless, jobless, and going without health care and education, but must pay for this on top of it all?

Why should Americans pay so foreign corporations can enrich themselves by the hundreds of millions, when Americans DO NOT EAT HORSES! 93% of all Americans believe that horses should NOT BE SLAUGHTERED FOR MEAT.

In addition, horse meat is not safe for human consumption! It contains phenylbutazone, pesticides and other antibiotics and drugs given to horses during their lifetimes., and is toxic and should not be eaten. This meat is not sold to alleviate hunger anywhere - on the contrary, these corporations ship the meat out and sell it for $15-25 a pound to Belgium, France, Japan, and other European destinations where it is eaten as a "delicacy".

It is possible you don't understand what you have done, by forcing Americans to pay for this obscene business. The business of horse slaughter is the worst animal abuse in history - it is known as "Slaughtergate". 

It is a lie that only old or useless horses are slaughtered - most slaughered horses are young and healthy. In addition, pregnant mares and foals are also slaughtered. The horses are transported in double-decker trailers, whose top floors collapse and either horribly injure or kill the horses beneath. The horses are packed into trailers like sardines, where they trample each other to death, and arrive with their legs broken clean off, eyes ripped out of the sockets, huge gashes everywhere. During transport, they are beaten, kicked, shocked with cattle prods, deprived of food and water, and receive NO veterinary care for their injuries or if they are sick. During slaughter, foals are ripped out of the mares' bellies and shot and discarded.

In 2005, Animals' Angels demanded and received 906 pages of photos and documents of the abuse horses are subjected to, as a result of a FOIA request to the USDA, regarding Belgian-owned "Beltex" horse slaughter plant in Texas. These photos and documents PROVE BEYOND QUESTION, the abuse suffered by slaughter horses. 

You can find these FOIA documents and photos in their entirety HERE:

WE INSIST that you watch the photographic evidence HERE:

WE DEMAND that you IMMEDIATELY VETO the funding for USDA inspection of horse meat and STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS!

We denounce, repudiate, reject, renounce, loathe, and will fight to our dying breath, a president and a government who authorize and condone the slaughter of American horses for foreign profit, along with its inherent horrific abuses and brutality.

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