Stop participating in animal cruelty Michael Holston

  • by: Mr Smith
  • recipient: Michael Arthur Holston

Michael Arthur Holston goes by the name @therelatarzann on Instagram. He often preaches about conservation and against poaching , while simultaneously promoting and participating in absuive organizations that thwart true conservation efforts.  The goal
of this petition is to expose his abuse and if enough people sign, maybe he will read it and stop endorsing animal cruelty to appear as a conservationist and educator. He doesn't seem to be aware that he supports caging wildlife for personal gain and Tarzan saved his fellow wildlife from cages and exploitation. I don't believe a petition like this is innapropiate because I have seen petitions against zoos that indulge in innapropiate behaviors as well. Michael Holston promotes prehistoric pets who will send giant snake species such as reticulated pythons in the mail no questions asked  to anyone with a credit card, including children. This is absuive because obviously sending hundreds of reptiles off to random people in the mail is not going to end well for all of the animals.  He himself has sold and continues to sell wildlife and worked for a store that sells primates. He supports primate ownership and has even worked for employers who sell primates online. These breeders rip the babies from

their mothers and traumatize them not to mention primates are not pets! He supports little French keys jaguar cub petting encounters where anyone can pay $50 or less to swim with chained endangered animals and get a selfie. No conservationist would ever approve of this behavior towards an endangered species. He also promotes doc antles tiger cub mill in myrtle beach.  Doc antle also breeds unnatural color variations in big cats to wow guests and they breed hybrids which are known to often have health issues. They sell cub petting encounters and endorse other abusive practices, they have been investigated and cited many times. Doc antle even claimed big cats are as trustworthy as "aggressive dog breeds". to lure people in for cub petting encounters which is an obvious lie. A true conservationist would never support cub petting, wildlife encounters or wildlife as props. It's insane that Michael Holston promotes these abusive organizations (for money) and then tells people not to sell tiger bones when he promotes people who sell tigers themselves. He has sold and sent very sick snakes in the mail for $1700 and even has a big public record on Florida fish and wildlife for a number of animal charges . A conservationist would only support rehab and release of wild animals. Conservationists don't condone buying, breeding and trading of wildlife or selling animal encounters.... and they only support true sanctuaries that rescue non releaseable captives. So let's make a petition to call Michael Holston out on his constant support of animal cruelty and to become a real conservationist or to stay away from animals. He promotes and participates in mass abuse and all he does is pose with random peoples animals. Also most of his facts are incorrect and some could even prove devastating to animals if taken literally. He is getting rich off tricking unsuspecting people that believe he stands up for animals, while he's actually supporting and promoting cruelty to millions of people for personal gain. His ignorance is spreading far and wide and is a devastating step backwards for conservation. So let's make a petition to call him out on his hypocrisy and hopefully change his mind so his ignorance spreads no further. There's physical evidence of these claims if you need them.

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