#RiseUp Test All Rape Kits in Alabama

In 2015, when I was just 15 years old, I was raped by a man in his twenties. Because there is no place in my small hometown to be examined for a rape kit, I had to go to Birmingham to get one done.

After enduring an hours-long examination, I was sent to a child advocacy center to be interviewed because I was underage. But instead of helping me, they made me feel like a criminal. I had to tell my story three or four times, and I was repeatedly asked if I was sure I didn't consent. They suggested that I might be lying because I was 15 and too afraid to tell my parents that I had sex. They suggested that I might not remember things correctly because I was on drugs at the time I was raped.

I was 15. I was high. I did NOT give consent. 

After I left the child advocacy center, I never heard from them or the police about the status of my case. When I tried calling them to find out what was happening, they told me that I was too young for them to give me that kind of information. I was never given a court date. All I have is my police report. And as far as I know, my rape kit was never tested and my rapist was never even questioned. 

Sadly, the way my rape case was mishandled is not uncommon in Alabama. But I want to change that. Please sign this petition to demand that the Alabama State Legislature pass a law requiring law enforcement to test all rape kits and notify victims about the status of their case.

Update #23 years ago
Great news! A bill was introduced in the Alabama State Senate that would require all rape kits to be tested within 90 days! To help put pressure on the lawmakers to actually pass this legislation, Care2 has set up the petition so that it sends an email to legislators every time someone from Alabama signs. So keep sharing this and encouraging your friends to sign, especially those in AL!
Update #13 years ago
I want to thank you all for signing it means alot I read everything you all post when you sign and if anyone needs to talk don't be afraid to call me my number is on my profile
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