Please make a new Super Mario RPG for Wii U

Do you love Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars? So do I. I started this petition to ask Nintendo that they make one for Wii U. Why would this be incredible?

* Upgraded graphics. A new Super Mario RPG for Wii U, with the proper style, would look amazing. Think along the lines of Blue Dragon or Nintendo Land.

* Possible new gameplay features. There's a host of interesting things that could be done on Wii U, given what the gamepad can do, MiiVerse, etc. I couldn't even begin to try and list them all. I'd be very interested to see what Nintendo did.

* Nostalgia overload. What would you give for a brand new Super Mario RPG adventure?

* A system seller. This would not only be huge for gamers and fans of the original, it would be huge for Nintendo themselves. Another huge must-buy can only further propel Wii U.

* Maybe even more? We know that Nintendo loves to make a lot of sequels, which isn't a bad thing since they're usually extremely good. Maybe if a new Super Mario RPG releases and sells well, we'll get even more in the future.

Dear Nintendo. As fans of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES, or Super Famicom in Japan) we ask you sincerely that you create a true sequel to Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven stars, in the same style as the original, with upgraded graphics for Wii U.

The original "Super Mario RPG 2" later became Paper Mario before its release. I'm a fan of Paper Mario, I think it's a great game, but it's just not Super Mario RPG 2. We need a true sequel with the same type of style, music and art as the original, with the appropriate upgrades in graphics and gameplay features only possible on Wii U.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to the many amazing things yet to be released for Wii U, with a new Super Mario RPG, hopefully, one of them.

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