Demand independent health studies before the 5G rollout in Australia , Now!

  • by: Mitch H
  • recipient: Everyone in and around 5G rollout


We are a group of concerned citizens extremely worried about the health aspects of the 5G rollout in Australia.

Numerous studies have indicated that this high speed microwave technology is detrimental to the electromagnetic field of the human body. Many independent voices are becoming more vocal each day about this proposed rollout of these 5G towers that will affect us all 24/7 and which will be built in residential areas where families and children are being raised.

Studies have shown that 5G is exceedingly harmful and both offensive and injurious to both body and mind. Studies and actual proof have shown an increase in headaches, confusion and dizziness and past histories of group cancer clusters such as the 16 people who all contracted breast cancer from the former ABC Studio in Brisbane lends credence to the unnatural effects of high speed electromagnetic technologies on the human body.

There are numerous health risks due to constant high speed microwave radiation from the huge towers being built in residential areas pumping this out 24/7 around us all including children and babies who's skulls are still soft and easily penetrable by microwaves.

This is not to make our internet faster it is already fast enough this is to power the A.I., the internet of things, which will have everything connected up to wifi 24/7, similar to China now with it's 'social credit system' that is powered by 5G. This is to lead us into a tyranny of control.

The detrimental effects of 5G on plant life, animal and human health are now being realised yet telcos all over the world are ignoring this and setting this grid up anyway. This will cause a huge increase in cancers of all sorts, headaches, dizziness and many other constant health problems, this 5G is too much for the human electromagnetic field.

The effects are CUMULATIVE. This is what independent studies are saying. It is not to be trusted.


We demand an urgent HALT to this rollout until more INDEPENDENT STUDIES are carried out.

These signatures will be forwarded directly to the Australian Telecommunications Minister.

Thank you.

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