Ban Steel Jaw Traps in the San Juan Islands, Washington

Steel jaw traps have been banned in more than 88 countries, but yet the United States and Canada still allow them. Today I witnessed a Bald eagle, a protected and endangered species under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Lacey Act, with a steel jaw trap on its leg at False Bay,San Juan Island. It attempted to fly, hobbled, flapped, was attacked by other birds, dehydrated and possibly may die as a result of people using traps for otters, raccoons, fox and bunnies perhaps even using them for deer on the islands. Ban this cruelty, stand up to protect the wild creatures and stop this senseless killing.

video I captured as she flew off trying to escape, unknowing we were trying to help.

Today I witnessed a young mottled Bald Eagle caught in a steel jaw trap mercilessly trying to survive this clamp of death attached ot his leg. The tide was coming in, he was stuck in the mud, flapping, hobbling, being attacked by the adult eagles in another next nearby he couldn't defend himself. Calling for help from a wildlife rescue at local Wolf Hollow, they were not able to keep the bird from flying into the trees. This strong bird fighting for its life could be the mother of a nearby nest leaving its young abandoned while fighting for its own life. This needless killing of animals on the islands where deer roam, black and red fox, raccoons, otters, seals, a diversity of sea birds any or all of them could have been caught in these traps. Help stop this torture and abuse of steel jaw traps. Ask the San Juan Islands to stand up and protect these wild creatures and furthermore have the United States join the other 100 or more countries that have banned these archaic torture devices. Thank you.

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