World Summit and UN Ed leads for UN Millenium Development Goals - stop BOILING DOGS & CATS ALIVE SOU

  • by: ali dolloso
  • recipient: WORLD SUMMIT, UN Millenium Dev Goals - UNESCO, Gordon Brown UN Ed Envoy, Banki Moon UN Sec Gen, Chinese Gov, UN Envoy to China

Thanks to the advancement of the internet, digital technology and social networking sites, the Western World is waking up to the true horror and scale of dog torture in South East Asia. Now its Millenium Development Goals UN, for Education. Well, the governments who allow torture are not educated!!

Countless videos and images show dogs in South Korea and China (and other Asian countries) being hung, beaten, skinned alive, boiled alive and blow torched alive, just so people can eat them. 

This is a disgrace!  The practice of torturing dogs to make the meat taste better, comes from 2,000 years ago. Back then, poverty, old resentments, and religious beliefs ruled the day, in a culture based on fear, hatred and abuse. Who ever started this was full of hate.  It is a travisty for the animals that have had to suffer for 2,000 years because of this, at the hands of some humans, who believe that the dog was a bad person in a previous life and deserved to be tortured and boiled alive.  Henious.

Something has gone very wrong in humanity. This treatment of dogs is inhumane and does not belong in the modern world.  This ancient culture of abuse cannot continue. No doubt the consumers of these elixiers can choose to be part of modern society when they want, with Iphone, technology, cancer treatments, from the West. Yet they are not taught of the disgrace of their arcane beliefs.

This culture of abuse has no place in the modern world.  United Nations, Education Science and Culture?  Surely education and science tells us that a culture of abuse is wrong.

We are asking you to eduate the Chinese and South Korean Governments (and the other countires) that torturing dogs and eating the meat should be eradicated. 

We ask if you can work with them to educate the indignant consumers, that they are not gaining any great elixir, by eating tortured dogs. In fact, all they are doing is perpetuating an unacceptable amount of unnecessary suffering into the universe.  Also the farmers who beat these dogs and boil them alive, also need education, that this is no way to treat any creature.

No animal deserves to suffer at the hands of humans in this way. This is a shame of humanity.

Also attached are printouts showing some of the latest petitions that have been sent to China and South Korea,


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