Ban fluoridation in the US

Fluoride is derived from the poisonous element Fluorine, which is a by-product of aluminum processing and is used to make hydrofluoric acid which can be used to melt glass. Back in the 1940s, pseudo-science claimed that Fluoride is used to protect tooth enamel and make our bones denser, but these claims are old and outdated. Nowadays it is known to cause fibromyalgia-like symptoms and cause fluorosis, which is the darkening of teeth. Fluorosis causes white, brown, and black flecks to appear on the teeth and these stains do not come off. Worst of all, it is said to lower one’s IQ and calcify the pineal gland as well as cause arthritis. Fluoride is poisonous in high doses, with as little as 5mg per kg of your body. Fluoride is contained in toothpastes and even our own drinking water. You are constantly being force fed Fluoride without even knowing it. The FDA has claimed time and time again what the benefits of Fluoride are without discussing the repercussions of it. Fluoride in our water is especially dangerous because the doses vary from town-to-town, city-to-city, and even person-to-person. Someone who drinks more brings more Fluoride into his or her body, because it’s not just in our water. Fluoride, more specially sodium fluoride (aka, what you drink), is 80 times more toxic than fluoride found naturally in the ocean and underground lakes, yet the government still feeds it to you. Unfortunately for the average man, the only way to rid fluoride from his system is to use a reverse osmosis filter and drink only purified water. Fluoride is found even in fruit juices because it is widely used in pesticides in America. The real kicker? Japan and most of Europe have already BANNED FLUORIDE because they found it to have HARMFUL AND UNWANTED EFFECTS ON THEIR HEALTH. Fluoridation of water was first used in Russia to attempt to pacify and dumb down their citizens. The European Court of Justice says “Fluoridated water must be treated as a medicine, and cannot be used to prepare foods!”. The health risks associated with Fluoride far outweigh the old benefits scientists thought were true 50 years ago. It’s time to make a change, America! Don’t let the government poison you and say NO to fluoridated water!

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