Tell UK Prime Minister David Cameron to Stop Deer Hunting

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: Prime Minister Of UK & Other Government Officials

STOP THE ABUSE AND CRUELTY BY KILLING THE DEER -       Deer stalking is a blood sport enjoyed by the Prime Minister in the UK.  This is an inhumane abuse on deer.  He has been doing so for more than 20 years even though deer stalking has been banned some years ago.

This “blood sport” involves a cruel and unjust suffering of these gorgeous animals. Both males and females are shot just for fun and left to suffer and die slowly and wretchedly from blood loss or infection as a result of the injuries sustained from the gunshots. It's appalling that our country's leader indulges in killing for the sheer fun of it!   According to the Independent media of the UK, “The Prime Minister is in a unique position to demonstrate his awareness of advances in our understanding of animals' intelligence, emotions, relationships with one another and capacity to suffer. But he chooses to ignore all these things and continues to treat other species as nothing more than living targets to be destroyed on a whim.”     

This fearless leader claims that deer stalking is the most defendable “blood sports” which is ridiculous to anyone with compassion. This is not a sport but a form of animal abuse and cruelty to animals just for pleasure.  If the Prime Minister wants to enjoy the deer, why not admire watching their majestic, gentle-natured, harmless and environmentally sound way of life from afar? Why not shoot them with a camera instead of a gun?   

Anytime an activity with animals as such is viewed as a “sport,” it degrades society and perpetuates unacceptable animal cruelty and abuse. Stop the abuse and killing deer just for mere pleasure and fun.  You are inflicting pain, suffering, animal cruelty and abuse on these gloriously majestic animals that have every right to grace our lands.  STOP THE ABUSE AND CRUELTY TO DEER and take up other “sports.”


Dear UK Prime Minister Cameron - 

Please stop killing the deer and calling it a “sport.” If the animals are not consenting to this, it is not a sport but more of a massacre!  Take up other sports that are not harmful to animals and let the animals live as they are meant to.  Change the laws so that these animals are not exploited for these sick “blood sports” and protect their lives.  Stop Killing the Deer For Fun!!!!  

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