The Depo-Provera is a injection based form of birth control administered by nurses and doctors in clinics all over. This shot is known to cause increased risks in breast cancer in younger women, which is the main age group receiving the shot, along with decreasing bone density. After being put on this injection MYSELF at a young age, by my parents decision, my menstral cycle was non-existent. After 4 years, and 3-4 doctors my menstrual cycle has not been the same. it took over a year and half for my body to finally break away from the hormones, and for me to have a "period". During the 9 months before my first "period", my body was going through such intense withdrawals from the hormones, it was as if i was withdrawing from hardcore drugs. i was vomiting uncontrollably everyday for those nine months. i lost 70lbs due to this, and was incredibly sick. It's been a year and a half since then, and my periods are still excruciating, not to mention the rupturing ovarian and breast cysts i now experience. This injection is a poison, some women are completely INFERTILE after being on this, some 20 something-year-old women have the bones of a 70 year old from this injection. Women should not have to suffer for wanting to have the safest sex they possibly can. I should not be 19 years old and worried that i won't be able to have children, because i didn't want to be 16 and pregnant. There HAS to be safer ways to prevent pregnancy, that won't leave women infertile, cancerous, cystic, etc. This is a petition to ask the FDA to take this off the shelves and find a safer alternative to birth control.
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