Demand Facebook Remove "Dark Knight Rises" killer James Holmes' "fan" pages!

  • by: Brian Hudson
  • target: Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman & CEO of Facebook, Inc.

                    1. Facebook has refused to remove any profiles that are CLEARLY glorifying the actions of James Eagan Holmes' horrific, cold-blooded massacre at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" on Friday, July 20, 2012.  

                    1. Holmes single-handedly and methodically killed 12 people during the ambush, terrorizing the all-ages crowd at a PG-13 film with tear gas while wearing a gas mask to protect himself from the tear gas. He carried a machine gun that can shoot 60 rounds per minute, 3 other guns, bullet-proof armor from head to toe like a SWAT team, and fired totally randomly into the crowd with deliberate malice and indifference towards human life.

                    1. The victims that died ranged from ages 6 to 51, including a 6 year old child, and wounded 58 other victims (including a 3 month old infant) and ASHLEY MOSER, the PREGNANT MOTHER of the 6 year old child who was killed. Ashley Moser then suffered such trauma from the shooting that she had a miscarriage while being treated in the hospital for the shooting. That's right. She lost her 6 year old child AND got shot AND lost a pregnancy, all because of James Eagan Holmes and his psychotic actions and utter indifference towards human life.

                    1. These profiles / public interest pages are generating interest from psychopaths like James Holmes, and Facebook is giving them a forum to publicly mock the victims of this horrid massacre and glorify the shooter as their "Hero"... (For example, one picture I found on a couple of sites features a picture of a crowded theater with a caption that reads, "They came for a movie. All they got was a few clips.")  

                    1. I have filed a formal report to Facebook on each page, and they have responded to me by saying that these pages dedicated to Holmes are clearly not in violation of their policy, under the guise of the 1st Amendment.

                    1. I argue that the potential for further violence outranks freedom of speech, regarding these pages specifically. Facebook could potentially be allowing a "James Holmes Cult" if this continues, which could result in MORE sick people working TOGETHER on the next potential attack, simply because these people share a common cause of mass murder and malice.

                    1. Facebook may have blood on its hands for this, but that's not why you should sign this petition. Sign this petition and demand that Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, co-founder of Facebook) take action and remove these pages for the suffering victims. Tell Zuckerberg that the 1st Amendment shouldn't allow for a cult-type meet and greet for psychos that think James Holmes is their, "Hero." Leaving the page up is only satisfying a few sick maniacs (about 800 people on one site...), while BLATENTLY MOCKING the victims, their families, and the untimely deaths of so many innocents.

  Please folks, I LOVE the 1st Amendment, but these pages made in dedication to a sick mass murderer with no remorese has the potential to bubble into organized attacks of this nature in the future. Tell Mark Zuckerberg, "Take down ALL James Eagan Holmes pages that are glorifying his mass murder, while organizing the most insane people in the country and the world at the same time. But most importantly, think of the pain of Ashley Moser. James Holmes killed her 6 year old son, shot her, resulting in her having a miscarriage. It will be years before she can recover, along with the entire Aurora community. Zuckerberg, have a heart... You hold the cards, you know what's right to do here, and if you agree, please say so!

R.I.P. to the lost, and prayers to the surviving victims and their families. Let's all help give them some kind of support and show that the world isn't THIS cold. We could at least try. Will you sign?

Thank you for reading.  

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg,

I object to the James Holmes "fan pages" which glorify violent mass murder, and I would like to respectfully demand that you, as the BOSS of Facebook, make the moral call here and remove any "fan pages" for James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado theater shooter. These people on these pages are potentially going to shed more blood if given a forum to meet each other and plan, and you can play a pivitol role in making such an action more difficult, by not resting on the 1st Amendment. Lots of these people have never met each other and they could plan attacks. And you can potentially prevent an attack. Please do the right thing. You are the boss of Facebook, it's YOUR call. Please do the right thing here, and stand up out of respect for the victims and remove and ban these glorifying fan pages of James Holms.  Do it for the victims. So many innocents, and potentially more if these deranged people get to know each other and hatch a team plan... god forbid. Do the right thing for the victims, Mr. Zuckerberg. Thank you.

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