Stop Stealing Our "Money," We Want Our "Money" Back

  • by: Louis IV Manley
  • recipient: Mr. James Lobb, Mayor of the private Kingwood City Municipality Inc., WEST VIRGINIA, et al.

Experiencing the horror of arrogant corruption against, we the people, massively unfair (14%+14%-one year!), utility rate hikes on seniors and the poor 'rate payer' consumers, and payers of taxes. The Perpetrators: the private Kingwood City Municipality Inc., Mayor, James Lobb,  the private corporations Kingwood City Council, and the private Kingwood City Municipal Inc., Agent of a Foreign Power, 'conflict of interest-Esquire,' Shela Williams, et al. Slamming with duress, coersion, and in collusion; many witnesses to actionable violations which apparently allow unscrupulous leaders to steal $19 million for themselves, and lay debt upon the people, as a 40 year bond. Even though we have 500 signnature petitions in protest and non-concent, they must think we'll stop fighting, NO WAY! WE  JUST NEED MORE SIGNATURES TO HELP US HOLD THESE PERPETRATORS ACCOUNTABLE TO THE COUNTY SHERIFF, the  COUNTY PA, and to a Grand Jury. 

1) They violated our 1st Amendment rights to Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech, in Preston County Inc., watch You Tube: "Preston Taxpayers Outraged,1st Amendment Trampled".

2) In Preston County Inc., they unlawfullly ordered a member of the press to shut off the camera [so YOU wouldn't know what happened in this meeting]. The mayor demanded that the professional reporter on assignment shut down / turn off the camera during the public meeting (which they published with a public invitation, final reading, under: Legal Notice, time date, & place)...when asked, to what statute are you referring to? The Esquire Agent answered, "you have no permission"... WHAT! In America, in a public city government meeting, ( we have SUNSHINE LAWS- no permission needed! ), $19 million, 40 year bond  debt - NO PUBLIC COMMENT BEFORE VOTE! NO FINAL READING BEFORE VOTE!  And NO cameras, during vote!

3) All across West Virginia, one hundred and twenty three water / sewer projects causing outrageous indebedness,  maybe in your town, sucking from the poor, the seniors, and rural inhabitants costing $1Billion (1,000,000,000 uSD), debt for us, while their investing 'for themselves'  thereby creating  our 'money' SURPLUSES!  OF COURSE, WE WANT WATER AND SEWERS THE RIGHT WAY, BUT NOT WHEN 500 OF US DON'T CONSENT TO THIER TERMS OF STEALING THROUGH EMINENT DOMAIN AND OTHER UNLAWFUL AND OUTRAGEOUS ACTS! But we need you.

4) $3.83 Billion. While taxation is legitimate, RUNNING SURPLUSES IS STEALING. In the FY-2003 West Virginia CAFR,  Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (, You can see a $3.83 BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF OUR 'MONEY" IN SURPLUS! Did YOU receive a refund from the surplus? Ever? For that year, the refund would have been about $2,000.00, for each and every man, women, and child as per WV population stats. Well,  presumably, they still have the surplus accounts of OUR "Money" and WE WANT OUR "MONEY" BACK! Let's say we meet our goal of 1 million signatures, that should help leverage the possibility of getting at least some of our money back, surely. WEST VIRGINIA INC., IS NOT POOR, THEY'RE JUST SUCKING US POOR! We're not taking it any more. We want our 'money' back and we want YOUR 'money' back, too!

5)  In the WEST VIRGINIA, INC., Municipal Bond Commission Fund Report for 2011, it says the fund accountancy was valued arround $170 Billion (170,000,000,000 uSD). Your signature will help.

Our volunteer non-profit organization's team of activists is fighting for your consumer rights. We simply want to be treated with fair business practices, full disclosure, anti-corruption, anti-fraud, and equality / lawful business treatment, and due process. We are taking this fight all across WEST VIRGINIA INC., and we really need YOUR help, please sign our petition, THANKS!

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