Until Jennifer Lopez Stops wearing Fur, We Are Boycotting Her and American Idol

The purpose of this petition is to let you know we have begun a national Boycott of American Idol and Jennifer Lopez's holding the position of a judge on the show. Until she has been let out of her contract and/or we are assured she will no longer hold the title of a judge in the future years this protest will grow and your viewing audience will be diminished.
She is a role model for many teens and young adults. What kind of message is she sending when she continuously appears in fur garments? Her pictures in Vanity Fair Magazine posing in a long white fox fur coat was shameless, vulgar and promoted animal cruelty. This picture was offensive, the outrage was hard to ignore.
She has constantly and shamelessly worn the fur of many animals with full knowledge of the misery these animals are suffering. She has on many occasions been made aware of the cruelty and agony animals endure as commodities in the fur industry. Her blatant arrogance and dismissive attitude is inconceivable, her callousness and lack of compassion is repugnant.
The vile truth behind these blood stained fur garments sold by furriers seeking huge monies is not acceptable and they represent an archaic and outdated industry. All fur bearing animals murdered for their skin are submitted to heinous acts and their deaths are excruciating experiences with agonies so severe it is unthinkable that anyone would submit living sentient beings to such an anguish. This isn't fashion, it is torture of the helpless.
There are about 50,000,000 million animals killed yearly for their fur. Of this number 45 million of these various creatures are being raised on fur farms in filthy conditions. They are living miserable lives crammed into a small cages where they are barely able to move. Many of these animals have nervous breakdowns and can be seen self abusing, pulling out their fur and gnawing on their skin or body parts. Some of these animals are so frantic they can be seen running continuously in mad circles around their cages looking for an escape.
The 45 million animals raised on fur farms are destined to experience a variety of egregious, horrifying and painful deaths. They present as follows: anal electrocution, gassing, neck breaking, strangling, hanging, stringing or humans applying a foot to the animal's neck or chest, causing suffocating or their bodies to be crushed.
The five million wild animals that are trapped experience the horrors of conibear traps (hideous contraptions that grip the body/neck/head ) or leg hold snares. When the trapper returns they will be shot or beaten to death unless, left for lengthy periods of time in the trap (days) they will have deceased.
Many animals caught in traps are considered trash animals, a great deal of these are domestic cats and dogs unaware of the deadly appliances hidden in the forests or fields.
Baby seals are clubbed to death in front of their horrified mothers. Many other animals, both farm raised and trapped are skinned alive, including the pup seals, left to die in unthinkable agony
Jennifer Lopez has been quite fortunate in the lifestyle and fame she has accrued. This has been because the public enjoyed her talents and found her entertaining. Because of these peoples, globally, she has financial earnings that few could ever imagine. She must remember and respect this audience, they pay for her endeavors and products and are supplying her with a nice paycheck. This can end at anytime, the public can become disenchanted with anyone, they are fickle.
We are planning to boycott MS Lopez until she denounces fur and recognizes the seriousness of her choice. We can no longer stand by quietly and let millions of animals meet such violent deaths because of an unnecessary lust for their skin. There are beautiful garment from which MS Lopez can chose, she never needs to wear fur, it isn't a necessity, it is a black eye on her and her career
Those of us signing this petition can only say to MS Lopez if you continue to wear fur "You are fired." We will be boycotting American Idol and MS Lopez as long as she contribute to this miserable fur industry and drapes herself in the skins of these voiceless and mutilated animals.
We speak for those who have no voice. We have heard their cries, we won't be ignored and we aren't giving up. "Boycott American Idol and Jennifer Lopez"
Please let your voice be heard, sign the petition and leave a comment if you want to share why this boycott and petition are important to you.

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