Mothers against Fracking

 Dear Governor Cuomo,

The DEC Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) is seriously flawed, allowing for fracking in 85% of the States Marcellus Shale formations. This proposed SGEIS will protect some drinking water supplies, like NY citys watershed but not others like our precious Delaware River Basin, which supplies water to over 15 million people! If Fracking is not safe for NYC drinking water then it surely is not safe for the drinking water of the rest of NY state!

I am writing on behalf of MOTHERS  to ask you as our governor to do everything in your power to ban Hydraulic Fracturing throughout NY State. There is NO part of our state that should be eligible for Fracking. The Risks are much too high!!!!

We now know the dangers of hydraulic fracturing and have seen the hazards and consequences of this destructive practice in areas where it has been done. Study after study has shown the dangers of fracking including carcinogens like benzene and dangerous chemical contamination in drinking water. It entails the underground injection of hundreds of billions of gallons of toxic fluid that will never be recovered.   What is scarier is that NY state does not have the facilities or ability to actually safely treat the TOXIC and (even worse) RADIOACTIVE fracking waste! I read that the DEC plan is to leave the tracking of these solid and liquid wastes up to the gas industry operators. We all know and have seen what happens when the gas industry is asked to police itself. Even more upsetting is that the DEC is still not classifing some of the waste that normally qualifies as hazardous, as HAZARDOUS! That means that fracking waste and even worse Radioactive Sludge would be sent to treatment facilities that are unable to properly treat it.

Despite direction from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, calls from doctors and health professionals and the insistence of "us" New Yorkers, NY State has not analysed the health impacts!  This proposed SGEIS has failed to include an analysis of public health impacts.  It has not meaningfully incorporated the states Department of Health into the fracking review despite the fact that fracking related air pollution and potential water contamination have serious effects on people - especially the elderly and children.

Not you Governor Cuomo and definitely not Commissioner Martens from the DEC can assure us that these toxic fluids will not present a threat to our drinking water supplies in the years and decades to come.

  We work very hard  to raise and feed our children and depend on our government to protect us. NOBODY can convince us MOTHERS that our Children and grandchildrens health, water and air are less important than our gas! We strongly urge you as our governor to protect the people and not the pockets of the oil and natural gas industry!

We urge you, Governor Cuomo to BAN Fracking in NY state!

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