Imagine life without the Amazon Rainforest! The Amazon provides us with 20% of the worlds fresh water and one-fifth of the worlds oxygen. But now. This rainforest provides many things for us,animals,and plants.
about 2,700 acres are cut each year. The Amazon provides us with so much but in return we cut down more trees then we need and pollute. That rainforest provides life,a habitat,and shelter for animals. As we destroy each acre we are slowly cutting down the human race and much more. Some of the other things we are destroying are listed below .

2500 species of fish
1500 species of birds
1800 species of butterfly's
4 types of big cats
200 species of mosquito's
50,000 species of higher plants
Spider monkeys
Giant ant-eaters
 Amazon pink river dolphin

 Without the amazon we wont be able to survive. Some Native Americans survive there and as we destroy it were leaving them with no home! The amazon rainforest is in danger and in a while there wont be anything left. Our children,grandchildren,and the many more people that are to come won't be able to enjoy our Amazon rainforest. SAVE THE AMAZON RAINFOREST!!!!!!
Dear President Obama,
                                    We have signed this petition to alert you about the amazon rainforest. This rainforest is in trouble and soon it may be destroyed. We are very concerned about the animals,plants,and the native tribes that live there. What will happen to them if the amazon rainforest is destroyed? If we do not save the amazon then we will be preparing the death of humans.
Please do your best to save our beloved rainforest. Thank u for taking the time to read this

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