Justice for Husky Dogs Shot in Orange County Florida

  • by: Holly
  • target: State Attorney's Office

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The State Attorney has been sent the letter associated with this petition, he has been updated on the number of signatures, and he has been provided a link to this petition. Please continue to sign, since charges have still not yet been filed against the shooter!!!

If you support the filing of charges, please write the 9th circuit State Attorney at:

Lawson Lamar, State Attorney
415 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32801
(407) 836-2400

On May 19th 2008, 2 husky dogs were reportedly shot by a man named Christopher Comins in Orange County Florida. The 2 dogs, Raley and Hoochie, were shot multiple times in the neck, back, and eye, right in front of their owner and witnesses while the dogs' owner was retrieving them. Somehow, they managed to survive. One was even shot in the eye, and will likely have its eye removed. A video recording by a witness shows the dogs being shot as one was trying to run away, and the other was just sitting there. The video showed the dogs did not pose any threat to the shooter or the cattle. No charges were filed against Comins.


The purpose of this petition is to ask the State Attorney to file felony animal cruelty charges against the reported shooter in this case and conduct a thorough investigation. Animal cruelty is a crime, and should not be tolerated in the State of Florida. Please sign this petition to show your support.

View the video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtYKvnSGqJU

UPDATE: WFTV News: Outrage Over Man On Video Shooting Dogs At Orange County Ranch

See the full article here, reporting on the shooter's prior criminal firearm offense!: http://www.wftv.com/9wantstoknow/16464020/detail.html

Local 6 News

Pet Dogs Repeatedly Shot By Neighbor For No Reason, Owner Says

POSTED: 10:29 am EDT May 23, 2008

UPDATED: 1:28 pm EDT May 23, 2008

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Central Florida man wants his neighbor charged over video showing his pet dogs being repeatedly shot despite screamed pleas to stop.Chris Butler said his pet Siberian Huskies wandered into a nearby pasture located off Narcossee Road and were shot for no reason.Video showed one of Butler's dogs being gunned down as it ran away from the shooter and another dog being shot while standing still in the field, Local 6's Jessica D'Onofrio said. Butler said the neighbor continued to shoot while the dogs were on the ground."I was running toward him and screaming, 'Please stop shooting my dogs,'" Butler said. "He knew they were my dogs. And the last shot you can see is he is walking toward me and I'm speaking to him and saying, 'Please stop shooting them.' And he turned around and shot them again."Butler said the neighbor shot one of his dogs four times."He just wanted to kill them," Butler said. "That is what it boils down to. He just wanted to shoot them."Butler said the dogs were harmless and would not have hurt anyone."The dogs shouldn't have been there, I know," Butler said. "I know they shouldn't have been there. But he didn't have to shoot them. They wouldn't hurt a fly. They wouldn't hurt anybody. They wouldn't hurt the cows. They were just curious and anybody who has huskies will tell you they are the most beautiful, beautiful dogs."One of the dogs is fighting to survive and the other pet was treated and released from a veterinarian's office.The neighbor told Local 6 that he fired two warning shots at the dogs and claims the dogs tried to attack him.



Loose Dogs Shot After Chasing Cattle

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A dog owner said a neighbor was way out of line when she asked someone to shoot two dogs that got loose on her property.Butler didn't have the dogs on a leash, and they ran away.

About one hour later, Butler said a neighbor told him his dogs were in a field off Narcoossee Road chasing cattle.

Butler said he sensed trouble when we went to get them.

"I just had a terrible premonition this guy was going to do something terrible. I jumped out of the car, didn't even close the door, and I ran across the road, and as I got to the fence he started shooting," Butler said.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office incident report indicated Christopher Comins said the property owner gave him and the livestock owner the OK to shoot the dogs.

No charges were filed against Comins.

Lawson Lamar, State Attorney
415 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32801
(407) 836-2400

We the undersigned support the filing of charges and investigation into the shooting of 2 husky dogs that were reportedly shot by Christopher Comins near  Narcoossee road on May 19, 2008 in Orange County. We feel that the investigation of this alleged incident will show that the two Husky dogs were shot for no justifiable reason and felony charges of animal cruelty, as well as weapons charges for endangering the public and misusing firearms, should be filed against the shooter. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
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