Demand a Shutdown of Pollywood Pets

Pollywood "pet store" is located in the Gibralter Trade Center. It is the love-less home of Animals kept in cages, who never go for a walk, never go outside for air, never given human touch and love. These poor animals sit in cages day and night breathing in the horrible fumes of animal feces, as well as lying it. The living conditions of all the animals can be described as inhumanely confined, caked in feces, missing bowls of water, dark, etc. These animals beg for attention but never get it.  Shelley Meyes charges the public outrageous prices for these animals, most of which are sent home with undiagnosed illnesses and die shortly after.  Shelly Meyers needs to be stopped.  Almost all of the animals obtained in this store are sick and it is clear when you are face to face with them. Many will suffer from mental issues due to lack of human companionship and being so cruely confined.  The way these dogs, kittens, birds, etc. are treated is inhumane, cruel, and simply abusive.  

Below are just a FEW of the complaints made by visitors of Pollywood Pets:

"This is by far the most discusting petstore. all the puppies/older dogs are living in urine/poo covered cages. the dogs are complelty overpriced and have EXTREME health problems. their feet are injured from living on bar floors. ask ANYONE and they will tell you NO animal should live with a barred floor. there was once a dog there for over 2 years, sick, obvious medical conditions, and too overpriced for me myself to save. the dogs are not regularly excersized or even played with. the birds are obviously stressed out because they are plucking out their own feathers. i especially feel bad for the ones that are "not for sale" because they have to live the rest of their lives in that terrible place. puppies drink out of water bottles? i guess they are hampsters now. the owners and employees are completly rude. even the 7 year old employee will give you the "know it all" attitude. puppies are matted with eye/ear infections from living in complete filth. some of the puppies cant even stand up. they are not given chew toys so they tend to chew on the metal bars. they lie about the breed and size the puppy will become. my friend SAVED two puppies from there and was told they would be 5 lbs chihowa mixes. they both reached 25 lbs. they both had worms and eye/ear infections and were given a bath the second they got home because they were covered in urine. i understand puppies go potty a lot but if you were sucessfully running a good petstore you would clean their cages 7-8 times a day. if you cannot do that then you obviously shouldnt own a business that entitles that."

"This pet store is nothing more than a public puppy mill. I don't understand why it is not shut down and all the animals removed. They are crammed into small cages that are dirty and moldy. They are left alone in the dark and cold four days a week. This so-called store sells over-priced unhealthy animals. It needs to be shut down!" 

" I was a GTC this past weekend (the first time I had been there in YEARS), and saw this "pet store". First, I don't think that the 6 inches of dust on EVERYTHING is healthy. Like don't stores have to be clean?!?! Just a thought. My family owns a total of five dogs. So I have a soft spot for them. :-) I was standing at this "store" and these dogs looked so sad. There was one that couldn't even stand up in the cage. Another one was laying in it's own waste. It was just too sad. I looked at the "employee" and he was in there searching either Facebook or MySpace and looking and pictures of half naked girls. Because that is what you are suppose to do while you work."

As you can see, it is clear why this petition has been made. No animal should have to go through the suffering of Pollywood pets.  As stated above, it is relatable to a public puppy mill.  Please sign this petition and pass it along to all you can.  No animal deserves this.  

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