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So many owners are living on snap and applying for liheap and other help from the government. Yet ,when they need help with something so simple as getting help paying for their pets dog food or veterinary services it puts a strain on the already financially struggling family. Not to mention, if that family wasn't in this financial situation to begin with or took in a stray animal. Then lets not forget about those living in section 8 housing, who have never had a pet and they're suffering from an ailment that requires a service animal or friendly companion. What then? Would you rather deprive these people of their pets because they are unable to feed them or provide them the proper medical needs? I say we use some of the tax money that is used to feed starving families, shelter families and provide medical services to also pay for pets food and medical. This includes; their dog food, veterinary services as well as medicine. This service would be available to families already receiving these services or who do not make enough financially along with those whom are suffering with a disability. So those who are already receiving Snap, Medicaid/Medicare, Liheap, Section 8, Tanf, Social Security Disability Income, and Disabled Veterans of the military can have their pets food and medical covered.  This is essential to those who are blind(unable to work), and those with a disability,  or those who recently became ill and normally work but are receiving temporary disability benefits and need help paying for their companions food and medical coverage.  Without this petition being passed so many people will need to go on more anti depressants and are at higher risk for suicide or accidents because animals are therapeutic and nurture those already suffering with depression from their disability. The animal is also their way of navigating if they are unable to see. Here is an example,  if the person is blind,  how can they cook chicken to feed to their dog? They cant. The easier option is to open a can of dog food, and by doing so the dog also gers the proper nutrition to live a longer life. Any vet will tell you, "dont feed you animal table food." With this petition i also work on providing home care aids or veterinary technicians that specialize in animals and can come to the homes of people who have a disability or to those financially suffering with an ill pet to pay for home care,to help assist the owner in daily care of the animal. With a home care aid for an ill pet, it will help the disabled individual keep their pet thriving.  With a healthy pet and owner is a happy and healthier life. Please spread the word! Lets ensure no one goes a day without their fury or slimy friend!

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