Demand Constitutional Rights Intitled To All Americans From Tyrannical Oppression!

  • by: Nina Meade
  • target: Past Tyrants, Presidental opressors, and Future Puppeteers!

“WE THE People” Have become so disconnected from the world around us. We go through life in meaningless repetitions of useless motions. We are going through motions dictated to us without benefiting us, or anyone close to us.  Just sailing by, oblivious to the impact we have on future generations, or should I say, Not protecting the impact of the greed on our children’s future. The Ability by them to choose what is done with their own future. There are so many needless rules and regulations that make absolutely NO COMMON Sense. Example:  Why aren’t there Technological Courses of study implemented for High Schools across the nation? There are College Preparatory courses of study (In High School Agenda’s) for college bound students.  So, why isn’t there a system intact for students wanting to work in the Technical fields?  That’s just the tip of the ice-burg.  I won’t waste any more precious time on the obvious and cut straight to point! Point being “WE THE PEOPLE” desperately NEEDS to be “The Point at hand”.  There is a great necessity to majorly deconstruct and then minimally reconstruct our legislative Amendments to the ORIGINAL Constitution. The “Bill Of Rights” had been bent and broken,  to the point that it’s so commonly disregarded , most of “US” don’t notice when Officials are clearly stomping all over it.  Another example…  Its common knowledge, our former president Bill Clinton admitted to smoking marijuana, regardless if he inhaled or not. However, a cancer patient would be imprisoned if they were caught obtaining a substance that has been proven to aid in relief of the symptoms of their diseases’ “treatments”.  It’s forbidden for anyone to use a natural substance instead of poisoning ourselves while fattening pharmaceutical company’s wallets!?!.  And who decided in the first place that it should be labeled taboo and put in to legislation as an illegal substance?  Certainly not the farmers profiting from its easily regenerated resource (hemp), not the Peace petitioning “Hippies” (War reformist), not the African- Americans (Racial desegregationist), not the medical community (Too occupied with A.I.D.s research I am guessing) and nor was the common “Pot head” (Currently known as our Prison Population) consulted on the issue.  It was so called “Law-Abiding” although technically “Law-Changing” Legislators, who didn’t care either way, who had OLNY the knowledge that regardless of the results they received heavier pockets and with no shirt off their backs.  Just because Law-Changing Officials can be bought by lobbyist or other persons of “special interest groups” does not mean it is ok for the rich to puppeteer legislators in to dictatorship of the mass population.  

Money, or the lack there- of, should not determine the level of rights given to anyone in this nation founded on the sweat and tears of our Four Fathers in hopes that their children’s’ children would encounter  Actual freedoms not originally extended to them.  And it is that deviation, from our original “Bill of Rights” set upon us in the “Declaration of Independence” that has gotten The United States of America in such unsatisfactory disarray! Our children are reported as “Dumber” than ever before subject to the current failing educational system, Our overcrowded Prison system can no longer be called rehabilitation centers, due to the misguiding tone ascertaining Officials would fix anything they claim to be wrong,  national debt is so treacherously high, that it is, digging holes so deep my great-grandchildren quite possibly won’t be able to climb out of,  any religious involvement,  activities or actions are banned from ALL government ran facilities(NO Pledges of Allegiances or praying in Our Schools!?!), and just so we don’t notice all our GOD given rights being slowly taken There is a “War on Terror” that wouldn’t you know is taking place where the bulk of crude oil is located on Earth Led by the Owners of the major Oil companies.  

                “WE THE PEOPLE” must reclaim our independence once again! Reclaim our right to pursue happiness because it has been taken over by corporate companies, Wall Street executives, and foreign agendas’!  We must reclaim our rights that founding Americans so graciously bestowed upon us.  Wake Up and see what is being taken from you while you slumber! If we don’t step back from our Facebook’s and shopping mall’s you will inevitably loose the right to even have or use them at all. Because once we all become faceless numbers in a mass murderous- mall how priceless would this chance be?... to a slave.  Ignorance will not be such bliss when your number is called  and  following it is, “Up For Sale By The Highest Bidder!”


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