it is absolutely deplorable that this Justice System can totally ignore the families needs for security and yet they worry about this young serial killer by moving him to medimum security facilities! Really!
Cody Legebokoff killed three woman and a baby girl of 15....that we know of. He has never admitted to his crimes and also refuses to let the families know where he put the remains of some of his victims.
This Justice System did not even contact all the families to inform them of this horrendous decision! They just went ahead and moved him to minimum security without their knowledge and consent. This guy is a serial killer! The youngest in Canada, that has been caught. Why are they treating him with kids gloves and making the families suffer like this.
They say he is let out for medical treatment....he needed medical treatment long before he started killing women and girls! Not much they can do for him now.
Given all the serial killers Canada can boast about, they should all be kept in Maximum Security at all times. They are a threat to all Canadians and should be locked up indefinitely!
You know every woman in Canada strives for basic rights to life from food security, a roof over their heads, water, heat, education. medical services and the rights to public safety from beatings, rapes, murders or being bought and sold national and international. All of these rights have been denied by half of Canadian citizens. The Women and Girls, the life givers of all society.
It is time the Canadian Justice System should take a good look at themselves as we realize how much they are protecting these perpetrators and their rights and using their own tax dollars to do this. Protect the perpetrators. These perp's have everything a woman strives for every single day in Canada including 24 hour security.
People need to know that the Justice System is failing the families of these murdered women too. My heart and prayers go out to all of Cody Legebokoff's victims and their families.
Unfortunately the Justice system did not notify all his victims families, some found out through facebook. This is so wrong!
His youngest victim was not even a woman yet. She was only 15 and legally blind! RIP Loren Leslie, you are so loved and missed. Was it fair for her dad to only be at home scrolling through facebook to find this out? NO! He did not receive any letters or phone calls from the Justice Department regarding this move. Needless to say he is devastated.
At this time we need to step up and protect the families of these victims. Please write to your MP's right across this nation and demand that these perpetrators, especially serial killers remain in Maximum Security where they belong. STOP PROTECTING THEM! We need to keep these murderers in Maximum Security to protect all citizens in Canada.
What do we want? JUSTICE! When do we want it? NOW!
Enough is enough!

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