Improving Commercial Plane Safety

"Improving commercial plane safety"
Through GOD I extend my appreciation to the staff in the aviation industry around the world to transport more than 2 billion passengers annually using air transport.
However there are still few loopholes in the aviation industry that need to be addressed and rectified to enjoy safer commercial plane services. We need to say "NO" to more commercial plane crush, if jet fighters, presidential planes can be safe in space, commercial 'passenger" planes too can be safer in space.
We pay taxes to our governments to support us with new and current programs that impact our lives. Together we have to share with decisions makers how best we can do more to improve commercial plane safety because it affects us all right from our families, relatives plus entire nations.
Deciding to add more extra effort to improve safety on board commercial couriers will be an extra mile the world has moved to reduce fatal commercial plane accidents in the future.

If through taxes man can be able to support the nation improve road transport, health, economy plus also perhaps the same taxes help governments to improve nations' supremacy military affairs thus also contribute to purchase sophisticated secure planes for our government high ranking officials like presidents and other dignitaries.
Even key civil society bodies like UN, World food program, IMF, World Bank officials have organized secure air transport aviation's, why cant passengers have also the best secure commercial planes.
I kindly request anyone with an upper hand because am just local citizen of Uganda trying to present my concern in the hearts of intelligent minds like yours, we can improve and reduce air transport accidents in commercial planes. We can fund-raise and organize programs that will reach us to greater heights together we can achieve this sensitive program but more important to the future of commercial aviation.

Together we can SHARE knowledge, skills and opinions to what should be done to reduce fatal air transport accidents, mobilize funds to support the improvement of security measures on-board commercial planes around the world to reduce reckless fatal accidents in air transport system.
I live in Uganda identifying myself as 'Goodwill Ambassador" for improvement and installation of safer measures in commercial planes is vital role that needs to be considered by my brothers and sisters in the aviation industry and security around the world.
I could advocate negotiating with sophisticated technological companies to render sophisticated technological service to airline companies to improve safety on passenger planes either by paying in cash or through installments plus support from donor community and governments.
"We should find lasting solutions to the fatal accidents to innocent passengers, who strive to meet the stipulated aviation requirements to end up perishing living behind their beloved ones and miss their personal achievement dreams"
If safe measures are installed in key planes around the world like for government high profile officials like presidents, still safer measures can be improved in commercial planes whether ground missile attacks, mechanical faults or cause weather conditions, it's enough we need to go back on the drawing board to rethink of improving and installation of security measures on board commercial planes because "a life lost is never found" No-matter the expenses accrued in this project we are in the modern era of sophisticated technology, lets join hands to appreciate an improved secure aviation system around the world, once my request is analyzed, welcomed am at your call to work together for the safety of lives in the aviation service. Thank you so much for reading my painful soul and GOD comfort and bless the lives of those who have lost their beloved ones plane crushes.

Everyone is planning to either fly internally, internationally or family member, relatives or friends perhaps also other people. If not today any other day in life one will plan, setup or assigned activities that need frequent flying, together we draw new measures commercial plane safety. No matter some airlines need to purchase new commercial airlines still this can be achieved through team work to enhance passenger safety on-board commercial planes.

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