Demand investigation, intervention, and Reform of nationwide probate/guardianship crises

The problems with Guardianship are significant on a state and Nationwide level, and the problems have escalated over the last 40 years. The Probate and Guardianship system has FAILED to supervise themselves to such an insidious level that is in desperate need of federal intervention. It is a violation of the 14th Amendment.

This is one real reason to re-evaluate additional coverage in addition to some tidbits that could be more than a plethora of A START of information to explore and report/investigate on this further.

Kathy Bosse in Cincinnati/Hamilton County has documentation and proof of financial exploitation committed by court insiders for 40 cases that are criminal that she has been presenting to every state run authority avenue that we can imagine including but not limited to Sylvia Pla-Raith (Director of the Elder Justice Commission) which is a joke/no help. We feel there is no help for probate & many powerful gatekeepers that want this concealed due to deep corruption on every level in the state of Ohio. Even when Kathy reported these 40 cases to the medicaid fraud unit, they asked Kathy to advise them on any probate oversight if she finds a reportable agency or person for probate as they have numerous complaints pertaining to probate/guardianship cases with nowhere to go for oversight or accountability. The court insiders are Tawn Fitcher and Lew Seiler. Please consider this a formal complaint and due diligence to investigate their criminal exploitative wards and guardianship cases.

Alee Carrino's mother is a current ward of Trumbull County, and she is fighting for justice and relief for her mother, Dorothy Carrino. She is held prisoner and Alee deals with many vindictive restrictions from the current guardian of Dorothy, Andrea Crook. ****Special Mention and investigation requests for Dan Letson and Mr. Masternick of Windsor House of Champion***.

We recently lost Dana Battles of Urbana, Ohio who was drained from tirelessly trying to fight for her mother, Marilyn Battles who is currently enslaved by her guardian, Anne Ridings in Florida.
More of her story and memorial brochure done by Dr. Beverly Newman of our National Advocacy Team created for Dana's honor.

Rosanna Miller of Logan County has a website and one of the most horrendous cases against her parents that I have ever seen.

There is an ongoing case in Cuyahoga county pertaining to Dr. Saghafi and his family with their mother. They have spent millions of dollars to try to save their mother.

There are numerous others in Ohio (Ohio Coalition to End Probate Corruption has about 40 members), but these are all major & quick summary that I have involvement with in Ohio. In addition, I work to advocate a lot in Florida and Nationwide. We are in the process of reporting some of these "professional Guardians" to Homeland Security.

So, I am asking you all for assistance and forwarding on to all you know who can be of assistance in revisiting a major need for additional coverage on this topic with ' I Care A Lot' being number #1 rated in the US for a solid week? It is crucial as it gives people a glimpse into the real life horrors that seem unbelievable or somehow warranted due to POOR & Ineffective court oversight and corruption with no accountability or jury oversight to keep it honest. It needs to be a wake up call that no one is safe from including the wealthy who make think they are otherwise safe or protected.

There are a lot more guardians and a group of people nationwide who can provide supporting documentation. This is a list of my main and primary concerns with minimal detail. We have a lot more supporting documentation and emails/letters to courts, local law enforcement entities, ect.

For the State of Florida- I would also like to file a formal complaint on Denise Willis and her exploitative and dishonest behaviors especially related to Janice Garwood, Ms. Margie Kreidler, and Roy Samply. Ms. Willis has cases including but not limited to Orange And Seminole counties. She has been heard lying to judges to gain mercy by such tactics as claiming 22 "pro bono" current cases and using her cases in other Florida counties including dishonest tellings of cases irrelevant to current mistreated and isolated wards. Our group has interviewed several mistreated wards that are those Denise Willis holds or has held in Guardianship. I can assure you she is doing a horrible job except for lining her pocket book. Ms. Willis only cares or is made available when it pertains to her financial benefit. I as an advocate have been witness to many of these behaviors by guardians like Ms. Willis in court proceedings. There are many concerns and conflicts of interest in her accounting and billing details.

Please consider this a formal complaint of Anne Ridings on FLORIDA and her vindictive and sadistic treatments of her wards to her profit and benefit. There are many others I know of and complaints/charges of animal abuse at the hands of Ms. Ridings. Her involvement is in but not limited to Manatee & Pinellas.

There are many news stories that are being released daily on the serious nature of this real life problem and why all people should be scared.

Writer/producer J Blakeson said in interviews, he got his idea from reading American news articles - NY is a hotbed of these cases.


Netflix's 'I Care a Lot' should worry you

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