Stop building new slaughterhouses in Hungary

  • by: Henrietta Vegh
  • target: Sandor Csanyi, CEO of the OTP Bank LTd, and the owner of dairy companies and slaughterhouses

New Hungarian Slaughterhouse with a capacity to kill one million animals per year announced.
In the past few years several slaughterhouses were closed down as they were not profitable, there is no need for more meat products. Hungary has a perfect climate for plant cultivation, the country should use this great advantage and take its place as a fruit and vegetable empire within the EU.

In the 21st century it is an obligation of every country and individual to move forward more sustainable ways of providing food. The livestock sector has been identified as a major contributor to global warming.

"In a 2006 report, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) concluded that worldwide livestock farming generates 18% of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions — by comparison, all the world's cars, trains, planes and boats account for a combined 13% of greenhouse gas emissions. Much of livestock's contribution to global warming come from deforestation, as the growing demand for meat results in trees being cut down to make space for pasture or farmland to grow animal feed. Livestock takes up a lot of space — nearly one-third of the earth's entire landmass. In Latin America, the FAO estimates that some 70% of former forest cover has been converted for grazing. Lost forest cover heats the planet. " Time Magazine:,8599,1839995,00.html#ixzz2Gafg9pZ7

We recommend Dr Csanyi and other owners of animal slaughter institutes to read about Philip Wollen, the Australian banker who has been using his wealth to protect farm animals:

By signing this petition you ask Mr Sandor Csanyi not to build more slaughterhouses.

By signing this petition you declare your wish towards the leading financial individuals of Hungary to shift towards more environmental and healthy ways of providing food for the citizens.

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