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  • recipient: KYRGYZSTAN President, Official Delegates, and KYRGYZSTAN Embassadors, nationwide, KYRGYZSTAN Government Animal Welfare
On the 1st of May 2013, the two day Salborün hunting festival in Kyrgyzstan, held on the northern shore of Lake Issyk Kul in the town of Cholpon-Ata, will culminate in an event where a live, restrained Wolf is mauled and maimed to death by either trained Falcons, Golden Eagles or Kyrgyzstani hunting Dogs, in a practice commonly known as Wolf Baiting.

Celebrating cultural history is an important tradition for Kyrgyz hunters, but it should not be permitted at the expense of animal welfare. During celebratory festivals, live wolves are tied to posts and left to be attacked by trained hunting dogs and falcons while onlookers cheer and the victimized animal suffers for hours. That is just the beginning. This barbaric practice called "wolf baiting" is not representative of hunting methods, but rather of dominance and power. Such an act is not necessary for hunters to carry out in order to celebrate their nomadic past.

On the other hand, festival goers also embrace the good things of the modern world e.g. technology and digital cameras to capture the event and put the photos on the internet. Filming it for utube. Also in the photos, you only need to use your imagination - the abused wolf (at the end of the day) is tied to a car and dragged along, while still alive. In animal rights work we have seen this done to many live animals and it is punishable in many countries, resulting in heavy prison sentences.

The international community of animal rights, and animal lovers are urging you to stop the elements of extreme cruelty and abuse in the festival. To show more "humane" and "ethical" and "fairer" hunting methods. In line with the goals of UN Millennium Development Goals for a "fairer" and more "educated" world.

After all, the hunters and their friends already embrace modern technology of digital camera and internet and cars. We therefore ask that people let go of cruel and over the top barbaric traditions that have nothing to do with the United Nations Education Science Culture Agenda. It is nothing more than a culture of cruelty and is not part of humane hunting or ethical hunting.

As a member of the United Nations we ask for your assistance, to leave the torture and barbarism of the old world, where it belongs - in the old world. We are in 2013 not 1320. And people from your country have the ability to fly all over the world, educate themselves to Doctorate level and Phd Level and set up Embassy's and sit around the UN Table about important world wide management.

Please do not let these wolves suffer from torturous and abusive and cruel traditions of old, that have nothing to do with "humane" or "ethical" hunting. Nor education in the United Nations.

Please see the attached international petitions. We ask you to please end this inhumane act. To act with kindness.

2012 Declaration of Consciousness has confirmed animals are not just commodities.
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