tell Croatian authoraties to change the animal adoption law

Since a month ago the Croatian authorities have stopped adoptions in Zagreb city shelter Dumovec, justifying it with the law that has not been changed for decades and puts adoptions nearly to impossible (until now authorities ignored the law). They blocked all the adoptions, dogs can be adopted in following cases: after they spend minimum 6 months in the shelter, or who have passed the rabies antibody titration test with negative results, and that's a very expensive procedure. You have to understand that most of shelters in Croatia have serious lack of donations, and they barely cope financially in order to secure enough food and vaccines that are necessary. Most of them are having a hard time raising money for these basics including sterilization. If they ask all shelters to follow this law it will make adoptions impossible and we will end up having lots of stray dogs on the streets again. This law is non beneficial to animals and society in general. If they are afraid of rabies than they should think twice, since having stray animals on the streets drastically increases the chances of rabies outbreak. We ask you to plead authorities to be reasonable and change the law which will give all the shelters a reasonable chance to adopt their dogs. Adopting mutt dogs in Croatia is hard as it is already, since most of people are in favor of buying a dog from a breeder. We don't need to make the situation harder than it is, and especially we don't want animals to suffer. We ask for a Zagreb city shelter to reopen for adoptions again, and removing the  testing for antibodies from the existing law. We urge them to do this as fast as possible so that the animals and local community don't suffer. Thank you

Dear Sirs!

As an individual who is concerned about animal welfare I strongly plead you to rethink your actions. You have to act in benefit of animals and a local community, and making it even harder to adopt abandoned dogs is not a responsible act. We need to see you are trying to build a better future for everyone, especially the ones who are innocent in the party. Clearly putting harder laws on antibody titration will not result in rabies control, on the contrary, you are just providing an open territory for rabies outbreak, due to fact that your decision in closing down the Zagreb city shelter Dumovec for adoptions will result in having more stray dogs on the street, and therefor putting them in a much higher risk of getting rabies. Also putting the same pressure on the other shelters in Croatia will result in drastic decrease in adoptions, and as a result you will see more stray dogs in the streets. So we plead you to reopen Zagreb city shelter Dumovec for adoptions, and to change immediately the law about rabies anti-body titration test. This test will only make adoptions impossible due to serious lack of financial resources in Croatian shelters. Please be reasonable and think in a direction of better future for everyone. Thank you

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