Implement & Enforce Law against Pig Rassling

  • by: Sue Lee
  • recipient: Wisconsin State Legislature/ Lawmakers

Even though there were efforts to stop the “traditional” pig rassle, this “sport” seems to continue in the state of Wisconsin.  Animal rights groups are diligently working to stop these practices, alleging animal cruelty charges for those condoning it and being involved in it.  This is an urgent issue and you can read the full story at

It may seem to be a harmless form of entertainment to some but in reality, pigs were body-slammed, dragged against wood and wire fencing, and their heads were buried in muddy water, according to a statement by Global Conservation Group. After the pig rassle, the pigs are then slaughtered.  This is definitely a sad form of entertainment and clearly is animal abuse.  As the activists stated, it is not acceptable for people, including the young generation to think beating up an animal is good, clean fun.  Those who participate in any manner, including the spectators are contributing to the abuse of these animals.

Not only is it sad to teach our next generation that mistreating animals is acceptable, so many animals like these pigs continue to suffer.  One of the representatives of the animal rights groups stated it perfectly; "You've got some local people versus pigs, and the pigs can't file a complaint. They can scream out there, and they can limp away and they can God knows what. They were voicing their disapproval in every way they possibly could. But we're the ones that have to be voices for them."

We are urging the state lawmakers to implement and enforce laws against pig Rassling.  Stop the abuse of these animals in such a manner.  It is not a form of entertainment when the animals are treated so unnaturally and abusively!!  Help us in our efforts to stop these practices by signing and sharing this petition.  We can all be a voice for those who do not have one, like the victim pigs!!



Wisconsin State Legislature/ Lawmakers – Create laws that strictly bans and prohibits pig Rassling throughout the state as well as enforce those laws.  This is a clear case of animal abuse!!  Stop the abuse and anyone involved should face felony animal abuse charges.  Be a voice for these animals and stop this horrific form of “entertainment.”

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