Child guardianship age should change to 21

    The age of child guardianship or the age of where change of legally separated from their parents should change because a lot of parents are saying that their children was mistreated by gang Lords and landlords and other city official's and that they need to make sure that all teens are safely placing all homes permanently because so many teams have been raped and so many teams have been murdered by their own legal guardian all because they didn't want to have them in the home and they no longer wanted them there because they were being pressured by management for them to find housing and for them to get jobs and they were trying to make it out of school and out of the communities they lived in I feel the age should go up to 31 because a lot of children are unstable and they are left with a lot of hurt and anguish and mental and physical abuse and that they do need to make sure that Oscars are always a part of their children's life and that they are not just pushed aside I feel like a lot of adults need to have permanent custody of their children so citizens are not referring to them you're too grown and that you need to take care of yourself there are too many citizens that allow abusive happen between adult and minor teens and it also needs to be reported did a lot of parents are abused as well by lease management they staff not so much business owner but landlords and their tennis staff have taken advantage apparent and children that resided in public and private housing a lot of these mothers with excessive children need to be made to have permanent watch because they make it hard for other parents who don't have three or more children we are asking that they honor these parents today because so many single parents have went to their death due to the fact that they could not get stable housing and that they could not get landlords to stop overcharging your team while they were living in their housing somewhere public housing and private housing need to be investigated are reported for illegal Criminal activities such as fraud and rape of Staff members and other guess that came to their residence for family members homes to visit a lot of things really get mistreated and some things may be equipped to handle things out in this world but some are not something really get forced in to doing a lot of wrong I got it in and every household they need to make sure that all teams are part of a program for a job tomorrow
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