Demand free parking for Savannah Hospitality workforce

    I have been working in the downtown Savannah hospitality industry for over ten years now and I very much enjoy working in the tourism industry. What I do not like is how much time and money I waste on a daily basis on Parking. A resolution must be found for all downtown hospitality workers now! We are the integral part of what makes Savannah such a sought after tourist destination! We call Savannah the “ hostess” city for its southern hospitality charm but the hard working people behind that title who show up every day for work with a smile and warmth in their hearts don’t really get any of that reciprocated. Especially when it comes down to getting to work, finding save, accessible and affordable parking near work and not two miles away from your place of employment. Everyday the frustration to find parking takes patients, money and most importantly time away from our families. Many restaurants are located downtown and the servers get out late, then they have to deal with walking back to their cars in unsafe areas knowing that they are a perfect target with cash in their pockets. Or having to deal with yet another pity parking ticket because you only paid until 7:50pm. I’m talking about the ridiculous idea of having to pay and search for parking everyday, just so We can all come to work.
    On an average day I am spending about 7 dollars for
    parking and 10 dollars on a busy day. I am spending
    at least $1700 on parking yearly on top of my regular
    commuting costs, like gas and insurance. I have
    never had to pay to work. Other Places of employment have free parking for their employees, some downtown folks even have assigned parking for
    employees in garages. Are we all not being treated as equals? I work five days a week, that’s roughly $1700 for parking just so I can work and provide southern hospitality to our guests. And not to mention the mental wear and tear finding suitable and save parking spot in Savannah
    I work very late hours and it is also has become a
    dangerous hazard to park in a public unsupervised
    parking. I walk to the parking lot at 2 in the morning
    surrounded by skid row. My late hours also have
    made commuting dangerous. Let alone time
    We all have families and need the extra time and
    money that is spent on parking for our families. All
    employees would benefit if they had that extra $1700
    in their pockets. I, just like the rest understand the
    struggle we have to go through day by day, but
    enough is enough. Please acknowledge my petition
    and sign so we can all benefit together. Thank you.
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