Hartz Please Stop Selling Products That Are Killing Our Animals

Hartz products has killed thousands of companion animals even if the consumer used less than the recommned dose, Hartz has continued to ignore the complaints of victims and even requested to pay vets bills in exchange for the victim to keep silent.

This is a shameful display of ignorance and corruption, please ensure you do not buy Hartz products and spread the word; also please sign to tell Hartz you will not tolerate more companions dying from their products.

If you have experienced a problem with a Hartz product, please report it.

Call Hartz

If your animal had a reaction, Hartz is required by law to report your incident to the EPA:


Hartz may be nice to you on the phone or they may try to insist you did something wrong. We have heard accounts of both.

If the animal has died, Hartz may ask for the body in order for them to determine what went wrong. Our knowledge of this corporation leads us to believe any “study” performed by them will serve no purpose but deception.

If you wish to have an autopsy performed, consult your Veterinarian and get this taken care of privately. Also, make sure to get the autopsy notarized.

Hartz will most likely ask you to sign paperwork or make a verbal statement that you will not pursue legal action. They may also agree to pay your Vet bills in exchange for your silence.

National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC)

Call and report the same details you provided Hartz.


Contact the distributor where you purchased this product.

Insist they log this complaint and ask them to stop selling Hartz products at their stores. They are legally responsible for the products they carry.

Report your incident to HartzVictims.org

Try to provide as much detail as possible and pictures of the animal, if you can.

 Thank you

Hartz please remove/recall your posionous products and apologise to the numerous victims of your products. Do not sell any more products or chemicals and stop cybersquatting on brokenhartz for tying to raise awareness of yur posion.

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