Stop Poisioning Our Animals

  • by: Kayla Crane
  • target: Trailblazer chicken snacks for dogs from China

It all started Christmas Eve of 2011 when my little Maltese dog began to have siezures, he would have a cluster of them before we were able to get him to the Animal Emergency Room.  We had no idea why he was seizuring, he had always been healthy.  My little man's name is " Pierre "and a little man he was.  Once, we were at the ER they ran many text but the doctor was unsure of why he was seizuring.  The doctor suggested they keep him over night for obeservation.  So, my husband and I went home and upon awaking the ER doctor called to tell us we should come quickly and plan to say our good byes because his heart had stopped twice during the night and they weren't expecting him to live much longer .  We were heartbroken and had no idea why this was happening.  This little guy wanted to live, we could see that in his eyes, even though he was so frightened.   After, much research we were beginning to discover what it could be, while researching discovered many dogs were being affected in the same way, it was unbelievable how many were experiencing the same symptoms and they all believed it was from trailblazer chicken snacks.  It never occurred to me that maybe his snacks could be at fault .  We had been feeding him those snacks for a few months and never thought that could be the reason for all the symptoms we'd been noticing for sometime.  The pacing back and forth, turning round and circles, running into walls; he would urinate and deficate in the house, which he never did.  His front limbs would buckle under him which kept him from being able to walk, and he also became hunchbacked.  The doctor prescibed several meds such as Prednison, Phenabarbital, along with Tramadol for pain.  The meds kept him so drugged and unable to do much, it was like caring for an invalid.  I can't begin to tell  you how horrible those few months were for him, it was so unfair.  This little guy did nothing to deserve the agony he went through.  When I discovered these chicken snacks were most likely the reason, it horrified us because we thought they were good, not bad; all the while we had been giving these snacks to him.  We can't begin to tell you how heartbroken and angry we have been over this.  On March 19, 2012 we decided to put him down after many many days of unnecessary pain he went through.  We are convinced through careful research and based on other's same testimony that trailblazer chicken snacks were the reason for his illness and we want EVERY Pet Retailer to remove ALL trailblazer chicken snacks product from their shelves, that are from China.  Obviously, with over 2000 cases reporting the same symptoms including death, there's a serious problem and the FDA should stand up and take notice.  I urge every one to sign this petition to let the FDA know we want allow this to continue.  Please hear my cry for my little angel who still had many years ahead to run and play and enjoy life.  I urge everyone to sign this petition saying we won't allow these precious little furry babies to continue being harmed.  Its not so far fetched to think, next time it could be your human baby...think about it!!!   Thank you for your support....Rest In Peace My Angel!


We want to urge you to look further into complaints regarding Trailblazer Chicken Treat snacks for dogs.  Through careful research seems all animals that ate them became very sick and most had to be put down including mine.  With all having same symptoms its hard to disregard.  We urge you to please remove all trailblazer chicken treats from all pet retailers shelves that came from China.    

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