Demand that US lawmakers crack down on the use of fake service dogs

  • by: SUE LEE
  • recipient: United States Lawmakers

Please sign and share this petition worldwide to crack down on people who use fake service dogs just to get in places that they and their dogs would otherwise not be allowed.

I am a huge animal lover but would never turn my pets into a “service dog” just to get into a restaurant or grocery store that does not allow pets other than service animals.  How heartless can people be to infringe on the needs of the individual who really do require the help of a service dog??

Service dogs are specially trained to be the eyes, ears, arms and legs of their disabled handlers by helping them to cross the streets safely, get into elevators, on buses and perform other daily tasks. Why on earth would someone put a special vest on their dog and break federal law by passing their pet as a service animal??

Service dogs go through special types of training to endure all types of situations and know what to do and how to handle.  A dog that is not a true “service animal,” it could actually put people around them at risk and a way to ask for trouble. On top of it, the real service dog owners have to face unjust questioning and discrimination due to the fact that so many imposter service dogs exist.  A special service dog trainer state that

 “Why would you do that to someone who’s already at a disadvantage because of their physical limitation; just because you can’t be separated from your pet for an hour?” Who can, but there is a time and a place without being fake and disrespectful to the real disabled individuals.

There needs to be stricter regulations regarding service dogs and special identification required for each.  Anyone can purchase service dog items online and that makes it really difficult.  Take note of this YouTube video that was posted on March 4, called “Making a mockery of the service dog industry,” showing a man laughing as he takes his dog on a bus and into a restaurant.  The man goes on to say “I don’t feel like walking home, so I came up with an idea. I just went and bought him a muzzle, and now we’re going to try to get on the bus and make him a disabled dog. I’m just going to make pretend that I’m some burn out whose brain cells are fried from years of drug abuse and see if we can’t get on the bus. Well, I don’t have to pretend, but whatever.” This is such a real scam and there has to be some way to put an end to such deceit!!         

True service dogs are highly trained and become nearly invisible in public. They don’t jump, bark or eat off the floor. They quickly obey their handler’s commands and stay passive. Passing off a dog as a service dog is a crime and owners can be fined or, in extreme cases, face federal fraud charges. Please sign and share this petition worldwide to crack down on people who use fake service dogs just to get in places that they and their dogs would otherwise not be allowed.

United States Lawmakers – There needs to be stricter laws regulations regarding the use of a service dog in public areas.  Once a dog is trained to help special individuals, there needs to be better laws and restrictions as far as licensing and identifying that animal that only the owner can have access to.  It is ridiculous that service dog supplies and identification can be purchased online for anyone to buy and create a spam fake service dog.  Help those that really need these dogs by creating and enforcing more stringent laws and regulations on the use and care of a real service. Dog.

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