Ban a Jimmy Neutron reboot to ever happen.

Jimmy Neutron, happens to be the cause of the problems on the show, puts people's lives at risks. Views his girlfriend as his property, I considers his friends more as servants, especially the way he treats Carl Wheezer, being a guinea pig.If you stop to think about it, a lot of the fuck-ups that put people around him in immediate danger and potentially world-ending situations were because of Jimmy! He creates problems that he just barely can contain before something truly catastrophic happens, and receives endless praise for saving the world from himself! And not only that, he seemed to ignore responsibility for these problems that he caused and was okay with other people suffering around him, to either fix his mistake or just to enjoy himself during the time he had. Jimmy's inventions are either wicked or for his personal selfish purposes. And what they have in common is that they all fail & endanger the city and cause trouble to the people. Seriously, none of Jimmy fans could stand him in real life. He suffers many moral issues, ranging from abuse to murder! Not only did experiments on animals & plants, but also on his friends! His friends, especially Carl, played a role as a laboratory guinea pig. And he literally killed his clones in one of the episodes! Killing a clone is murder! Every time something is his fault, he doesn't care unless it's directly affecting him and how he goes about solving these problems, he's okay with causing oddly harm to people putting them in danger, unless it's an inconvenience to him, so he's okay with not only that but torturing people afterwards, manipulating them, making them do his bidding but as soon as it's an inconvenience to him. I know we're coming at you quick with this but I wanted to point out some of the things that Jimmy Neutron did during the series. Here are a handful examples of how he reacted in different situations in the show: Krunch time: In this episode, he hooked everybody on drugs and enslaved them. First of all, at the beginning of the episode, Jimmy is forcing Carl to pick between two different doors to try to test his memory, picking the wrong door cause Carl to be electrocuted by a high voltage charging the doorknob and he did it to Carl seventy seven times before we actually get to the beginning of the scene! Anyways Jimmy makes us like purple candy that's so addictive. The entire town goes apeshit for the candy like everyone can't get enough of it. Eventually people are so addicted that they do his bidding. You know what he does in reaction, he goes with it, he treats them like animals. He's basically as enslaving them to do his bidding and tossing candy and make him keep going. He asked people Fanning him, he has women on his shoulders that bringing him drinks, are treating him like a god, he makes miss fowl get on her knees and beg him like a baby for candy, and he makes Cindy and Libby fight over a single piece on the floor, and he's totally fine with all this happening but he only decides to fix the problem after they start turning on him and fighting back and wanting the candy. That's if that hadn't happened that continued being obedient, he would have kept doing this. He only stopped it when it became an inconvenience. And better yet you know how he fixes this problem? He gives them electroshock therapy, he beat them versions of the candy that cause explosive shocks in their mouths, torturing them until they like Pavlovian learn to stop eating candy, he conditions them to stop doing it.See Jimmy Run: In this episode, in order to win the race, he decides to cheat and he's so stupid that he even loses by cheating! lol After losing, he thinks that when he becomes invisible with those shoes, he can take advantage of this invisibility! The first thing he did was to steal his teacher's sandwich without being seen! Later, while Cindy was jumping rope, he wraped her with the rope and sent her into the boys' bathroom, which ruined her relationship with Nick. He did this to her, while all she did was to be faster than him and won the race! Sorry Wrong Era: In this episode, he tortures Cindy and Libby by repeating time. And we also see that he mutated a hamster just to prank them, which is another example of his evil experiments on animals.Speaking of his evil experiments on animals and plants, do you remember the girl-eating plant? Seriously, what else would be the use of that plant if he hadn't the plan of murdering Cindy in his mind? He even practiced the plant by showing her photos to it in order not to make a mistake in choosing his prey! In the movie, Jimmy was a sexist who hated girls. He was a bad role-model for little boys who idealized him because he taught them to develop hatred for girls. Holly Jolly Jimmy: In this episode, Jimmy almost killed Santa. And yet he didn't even care if Santa was killed! The only thing that mattered to him was his reputation. That's why he decided to save the Christmas. He got the best presents that Christmas when surely he deserved to get lumps of coals for hurting Carl's feelings, killing Santa, and ruining Christmas! Jimmy doesn't really think ahead in the future, he just does what he wants on impulse. Like when he caused an ice age in the episode "Jimmy On Ice" or when he made everyone permanently sick in the episode " Journey To The Center Of Carl". Men At Work: Jimmy did not use the cash register because he thinks he's smarter than the cash register! Jimmy illegally breaks into McSpankie's at night to change it into some soulless artificial robotic nightmare. He puts rockets in the restaurant. Jimmy's robotic ways corrupts the restaurant and the restaurant just flies and destroys other restaurants with people in it. Seriously the corrupt McSpankie's restaurant just annihilates these restaurants. Not everybody could have made it out in time and they died. McSpankie's gets destroyed and Skeet's dream gets destroyed. Skeets entire life was dedicated to McSpankie's that was his purpose. It was all destroyed because of Jimmy! And to make matters worse, he didn't even care that his invention caused some people to lose their lives and property. Even he didn't feel sorry for what he did to Skeet.

Update #32 days ago
I thought I would get more signatures, but I'm not actually. Could anybody please share this petition and sign this. Jimmy Neutron really is not a brilliant scientist. Everything gets screwed up because of him. Words that describe him are Narcissit, Selfish, Wicked, Menace, Unscrupulous, Asshole and Jerk.
Update #27 days ago
I guess it's good, how I'm slowly getting more signatures. I think this is really serious because Jimmy happens to be the problems on the show with his selfish inventions like sick patch, causing an ice age with a rocket full of Sunblock, can be a menace, uses his friends as laboratory animals. Create and destroy living objects like Brobot, Nanobots and his clones. Jimmy clearly never listens. Doesn't care how the problems affect other people. And doesn't really get punished very much,
Update #113 days ago
I really hope I could get up to 100 signatures. I think it's a problem that people, don't realy realize that Jimmy Neutron happens to be the cause of the problems on the show. Examples include the Sick Patches, injuring Santa Claus, Evil Jimmy, He also wanted to try to kill his robot brother in the episode brobot. He can't behave like a normal person, happens to give everyone a hard time.
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