Let parents have a voice!!!! We want textbooks back.....

Ok! So I'm going to rant with bad language! Fair warning! I am so over these damn chrome books. I want school books back!!!!!! What am I paying 130 dollars per kid for...... if it's for the chrome book well I need that money back when The kids turn it in at the end of the year. This is getting ridiculous. When I was in school we had textbooks, with examples and regular homework..... I mean do I seriously have to f***ing deal with something that I feel is dumbing down the children in a way or can I say, hey I don't want these stupid ass chrome books for my children. I don't want the digital learning. I want cursive writing I mean these kids can't even sign a check or probably know what to do with it. We are taking out important things such as textbooks. I graduated and went to f***ing college with text books. There was nothing wrong with the way we learned, probably more involvement with the teacher and student. I mean I seriously got a bill in the mail for 38 dollars (that is now in collections, had no idea there was a bill) because they treat these children like adults. Which honestly the way society is today, pure insanity, these children are allowed to make adult decisions without even asking the parents anymore. Trust me my parents knew everything. But this was for a damn chrome book charger that I guess my son lost I wasn't informed that he lost it or a chance to ask him or even look for it they just give an 11 year another one and that's it. I'm done I want to know where to complain because I don't want this form of education bullshit why fix something that isn't broken!!!!! You can't crash a textbook what happens when the system fails oh well right let's ask a few of the Montgomery school that recently were hacked and down for quite sometime, I mean that was unheard of when I was in school, and yes that was over 20 years ago, but seriously trusting something that at anytime can be taken away or fail!!!! Again could t do that with a f***ing textbook. I'm done ranting but I want my kids to use textbooks so I don't know what I have to do to get it to where my kids use textbooks and not the chrome book, but I seriously want an answer or do I have to just take them out of this broken system and try, in this society where both parents have to work try and figure out how to work and teach my children. Both my boys complain of headaches and their eyes hurting and neck. Sad part is there is online schools that send textbooks and online teachers to help for FREE YES FREE and I know this because my daughters boyfriend did it and graduated like a regular student. But if there is a way to go about it or The outrageous cost for education, which still not sure what I am paying for, want it to be a rental fee for the chrome book not hundreds of dollars for nothing. concerned parent!!!!

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