Free the passengers of Malaysian Flight 370 from Diego Garcia.

I believe there is a reason that plane turned to where the CIA has a base in the Indian Ocean.  Boeing warned that 3 models of 777 were capable of being remotely piloted.  In my opinion Carlyle Group own the NSA, the CIA, and pulls the puppet strings of our elected officials.  Edward Snowden was an employee of one of their companies.  Barrack Obama promised an open and transparent government, Edward Snowden delivered it.  Russian President for life Putin is the recipient of all the shadow government's secrets.  They are afraid to say anything about Russia's Imperial tendencies because he is blackmailing them.  Please sign my petition.  Let's tell Carlyle Group that they are the ones who need watched, not us. 

Let's face reality, the Constitution has been around over 200 years, and Carlyle Group and their NSA can't comprehend that we were granted our freedom and unalienable rights.  The only books they read are Meine Kampf and  Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  Still their corruption and greed is unending, Please vote for freedom here, since they don't count the votes here, this is the only place your vote will ever count.

Update #23 years ago
All leave now cancelled for Diego Garcia and the pentagon has contracted a container ship to haul stuff away. These mostly innocent people have been missing for a month. How many witnesses saw a source of light streaking to TWA 800 and were silenced. Stop being a pawn. Vote here.
Update #13 years ago
Almost a month so far and still no wreckage, still have hope.
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