Stop the War on Wolves

When Congress de-listed the Mountain states wolf population, they allowed people to shoot the animal on sight.  This was done without following the rules and guidelines established by the Endangered Species Act.  If we don't stop the war on wolves now and reinstate its federal protection, the wolf will soon be on the brink of extinction.

Dear Director Ashe,

We, the signers of this petition, ask that you put a halt to the de-listing of the wolf population throughout the Mountain states and reinstate its federal protection until such time as a more thorough study can be done by qualified scientists and wildlife biologists.    

Along time ago, wolves roamed our country in the millions.  But by the mid- 1930’s, “fur traders, bounty hunters and government agents had poisoned, trapped and shot them to near extinction in the continental United States.”  It has taken decades for the wolf population to overcome near extinction thanks to federal protection and conservation efforts.  Today, the wolf population is healthy and thriving, and is an example of why we have the Endangered Species Act. 

However, in April 2011, congress added a rider to a budgets bill removing protection of the wolf in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington.  Following suit last week, the wolf population in Wyoming also lost its protection.  No scientists and biologists were called to issue reports about the de-listing of the Mountain states wolf population.  What congress did was ignore a law that has been in force for nearly 40 years.  This action was a disgrace to the Endangered Species Act and what it stands for.

Because of the actions of congress, the wolf population in our country will now face slaughter on sight. 

Because of the actions of congress, how will state governments handle the murder of a wolf without cause? 

Because of the actions of congress, how will state governments punish people who go out into the woods for a weekend murder spree of any and all wolves in the area? 

The answer is simple.  There will be no action taken at this time.  Therefore, we protected an animal for decades only to kill it.  This is not what the Endangered Species Act is about.

The cause of this petition is to put an end to the war on wolves by appealing to congress to act responsibly and in the best interest of our country’s wolf population.  After all, do you really want the wolf to go extinct, again?

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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