Demand an end to the needless torture of cats and dogs in China!

PLEASE sign to put an end to the horrifc crimes carried out on cats and dogs in China for meat, fur and just 'for fun'. These innocent animals are being stolen, and then tortured. They die by the most unspeakable, inhumane and evil methods imaginable to any decent human being.

Tens of millions of cats and dogs are snatched from the streets and families in China every year. They are tossed into cages so cramped, that many have broken bones and can't move. These animals are deliberately skinned alive and tossed on to a heap with their dying friends until they perish in excruciating pain. The fur trade in China is in high demand. If a cat's fur is not needed, it is put in a sack and then boiled alive to end up on a dinner plate. 

I am a passionate animal lover. I have had many different pets in the past 30 years, and each one has been part of my family, and cherished and loved unconditionally. 

We NEED to try to stop these barbaric acts NOW. For every wanted cat or dog out there in a loving home, there are many thousands being mercilessly murdered in the most cruel and gruesome way possible EVERY WEEK, that is beyond any decent human being's comprehension. 

PLEASE do not ignore this, PLEASE do not turn your back on these animals that need our help desperately. They have NO voice, they can't speak up, they can't ask for help, they can't cry. They urgently NEED help from caring people that want to help end their unbearable and unacceptable suffering.

Please click the link below. It is not a new link, but sadly nothing has changed:

PLEASE, if you are an animal lover, sign this petition, and pass it on to as many people as you possibly can. Thank you.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke

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