Poorest City Pays Way More Property Tax with Poor Services

Memphians wake up,

Memphis is the second poorest city in the nation, but we pay way more property tax than any other cities in Shelby County, and we just get poor services! We pay 3.19% City property tax; Arlington: 1.15%; Bartlett: 1.83%; Collierville: 1.83%; Germantown: 1.95%; Lakeland: 1.25%; Millington: 1.53%. Plus, we pay 4.05% County property tax. In total, we pay 7.24% property tax. Nashville pays only 3.155% property tax. Homeowners and landlords pay property tax, and renters pay property tax for the place they're renting. If tax rates go up, renters could face an annual rent increase from their landlords.

The City leaders have been wasting way too much of our tax dollars. Please wake up and stop them. Please make them drain the swamp, cut spending, cut back the number of supervisors, reform MPD, reform Information Technology and reduce our taxes

Also, our vehicle registration fee is $31.50 more than the County. We pay $113.50. They pay $82. Why??? Poor people have to pay more!

Too Many Administrators: The City has too many well paid chiefs and not enough workers. MPD has 8 chiefs (one five-star Director, one five-star Deputy Director, six four-star Deputy Chiefs) and too many managers and supervisors. Some managers supervise only a few people or even just one person! This is an indication of a corrupt government, like Venezuela which has over 3,000 generals. During the Vietnam War, North Vietnam had only 36 generals, but now they have over 700 generals. How do they pay all these generals, chiefs, managers and supervisors? The answer is, with our hard earned tax dollars! It is time to reform MPD, and stop being ridiculously frivolous!!! Stop using the "crime issue" to make money! Where is the integrity and moral? Please do your job!

Double Dipping: The City has rehired a Retired Deputy Chief Jim Harvey, Mr. "Leech", as a Consultant at the RTCC. He set himself up before retiring by setting and promoting a set of high ranking officers and NOT hiring anyone knowledgeable to handle the RTCC, so he could step back into the RTCC. He was on three years Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) program and retired on July 2016, but then came back a month later for $9,167.00 /month as a Consultant while receiving nearly an 83k pension. He is double dipping (over 190k yearly, $92 an hour). He is like a parasite that sucks our blood and has eaten our lunch for years!

Spending Problem: The City keeps spending millions of tax dollars for uncertain and unnecessary projects such as bicycle lanes, riverfront, Tom Lee Park and Crosstown Concourse, etc. They planned to spend 70 million dollars to rebuild the Tom Lee Park!

+ Please make them drain the swamp and stop rehiring retired employees.
+ Please make double dipping people return our tax dollars.
+ Please make them stop the DROP program.
+ Please make them reduce taxes.
+ Please make them cut spending.
+ Please make them refund vehicle inspection-fee and reduce registration and clerk fees.
+ Please make them reform all departments, especially MPD and Information Technology.
+ Please make them not to have management in the same office more than 8 years.

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Read more information from this link: https://www.facebook.com/wa.nguyen.549/posts/137257100897559

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