Our Family Is Losing Our Pet Without Being Given Proper Information As To Why! Please Help!

  • by: Lizzi Closson
  • target: Our Dog Warden and Our Homeowners Insurance

In Ohio our dog laws have changed and since it used to be if just pit bulls attacked and it is now when all dogs no matter the breed bite someone they are to be put down. My family hasn't been given any information as to who or when this happened. We are going to lose our homeowners insurance and our home if we keep him. He is a small Jack Russell terrier mix. And my Autistic brother has a very close bond with him. His name is Wall-E. We have had him since he was just a little puppy he is around maybe five years old now. And we love him very dearly. But our dog warden no matter how many times we ask for the information will not give us any. This person trespassed into our yard and our dog being a protective dog supposedly attacked this unknown person. We have zero proof and he goes to a vet who he has never attacked. Nor has he ever attacked my boyfriend of 8 months who plays with him and pets him. Please I am begging you to help us get this information so we can keep our precious dog. And on the 20th of January we have to put him down or lose our insurance and our home. Please please help us! And just so everyone knows we do have no trespassing signs posted as well. He is a very sweet and loving dog who just wants to give kisses. He is also a guard dog who just barks to warn us of people. We were not home at the time of the supposed attack. Just a little more information on our loving dog.
Thank you for your support!
-The Closson Family.

P.S. Thank you for all the support! Also please to all of those saying we should just stop our lives and move.. We don't have the money for that sort of move. If that was possible I am sure that my parents would do so. But we also have family here and jobs. We cannot just stop our lives because of what is happening. That will not make a change to this. Or any other ridiculous law. The point here is to make a change. And not just for us but for others going through this issue.

Thanks again.

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