Recently and apparently there's always been research over harsh chemicals and additives proceeding to be sold to adults and children in restaurants and out of stores placed in everyday foods and beverages modified to alter the mind and body to keep you in this "deer in headlights" or "mummy mobile" type of state and it's all for profit without regard and this greed regardless of the awareness of the damage it's causing through this prosperous corruption and lack in value of human life is becoming even more deadly every single moment it's being consumed and ignored. People deserve healthy preferably natural plant-based meals and beverages that benefit their health offered to more than just the wealthy that are already getting paid more than enough off of other people's pain and suffering upon sudden death that could very well be prevented. We need to end this now! I don't care how easy it is to grab and go so you don't have to cook your own meals or how much the flavor of processed meals are appreciated, people are killing themselves and enjoying it yet going to doctors when they have a sudden pain in their chest or wondering why they feel off before falling over from being constantly fatigued as if those doctors are going to tell them why they should stop and what will happen indefinitely if they do not but that alone won't stop this,The only way this ends is we have these types of produce removed from every shelf and out of every restaurant and have them replace with way better options.
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